Face + Body Travel Essentials

All your travel essentials bundled into a super cute little box!

  1. All Over Soap: Mighty but gentle, not a lot of soaps can clean all your body parts, including hair, face and all your body parts (yes even your personal bits). Our All Over Soap + Shampoo covers all the bases.
  2. Hair Smoothie: Nice and light, it won't weigh your hair down but packed with intensely nourishing broccoli seed oil your locks will get the nourishment they need to be smooth, soft and silky. All without any silicone.
  3. All Over Body Oil: A pump or two of our All Over Body Oil applied on wet skin (when you're coming out of the shower or bath) will moisturize your whole body - even your face!
  4. The Cleanser: Its 3-in-1 formula will remove all your make up (mascara included) and clean every spec of dirt off your face, leaving your skin feeling soft and lightly moisturized
  5. All Over Face + Body Lotion: Happily our All Over Face + Body Lotion is an amazing solution for traveling because you can use it on both your face and body.
  6. Glow: Imparts a subtle shimmer to your skin, with the same sun protective goodness found in our Sun Cream. It's also infused with mineral mica to help even out your skin tone by diffusing light which results in a natural, non-toxic glow.
        *Passport not included!

             Price: $20