Letting Go During the Winter Solstice

Letting Go During the Winter Solstice

In winter, we have the pleasure of experiencing the shortest day of the year
on the solstice. Like it or not, winter helps me embrace the darkness (literally and paradoxically) finding comfort in flannel sheets, big scarves and snow shovels. Warm stews and hot beverages definitely help like this dirty cacao chai

In most of Canada, snow covers the ground, and all of life starts to slow down. The plants retract into themselves, and many animals find a warm and safe place to rest and hibernate, stocked with food for the long winter months ahead. I do the same internally, preparing for more stillness, slowness, and solitude. The days get shorter and the darkness invites more time for contemplation, less time for doing.

The question my therapy group has asked me before is “How can 'we' let go before the next season of growth?”

While the earth silently sleeps, seeds are suspended below the ground. Nature teaches us the important lesson of rest and preparation. It’s necessary for growth. Honor this time: find space to turn inward. Breathe. Instead of rushing around, take a break and slow down. Stay at home. Eat more slowly. Sleep in and go to bed early. And cut yourself some slack know that we’re not meant to be at our fullest, brightest selves during this time. Take solace that the warmth of the sun will return (as it always has), produce a new future. Remember that you are the author of your own life!