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Girls Night In Skincare Essentials

Girls Night In Skincare Essentials

There's nothing better than staying in when it's chilly out and you want to re-energize. Rather than painting the town red and derailing your wellness regime with sweets and cocktails, keep it cozy with your skincare essentials and have a self-care evening with a couple of your besties.  

Here are our picks for a girls night in: 

Aloe Milk Cleanser: Before applying anything onto your skin make sure it's nice and clean with our gentle cleanser. This cleanser cleanses and moisturizes without stripping your skin. 

Pre Cleanse: If you've got make up on, our Pre-Cleanse is great at attracting make up and grime. Prep your face with this cleansing oil before you get started with some DIY face masks.

Superfood Mask + Scrub: This is a must for a girl's night in. Use alone or with your favourite DIY ingredients to create a face mask that works for your skin type. Take one capsule and add either water, a pump of cleanser or some superfoods (here's one of my favourite DIY face mask recipes). 

The Putty: Did you know that our moisturizer can also be used as a face mask treatment? Apply a thick layer of the Putty all over and leave on for 10-15 minutes for an extra soothing treatment for irritated skin 

Hair Smoothie: Is the dry weather damaging your hair? Treat yourself with our conditioning Hair Smoothie. Use as a leave in treatment before rinsing out. For extra moisture leave your hair in a shower cap. 

Face Food Mineral Mist: Quench your face with this facial spray. It's an easy way to make your sheet mask stick to your skin or use as a toner. 


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