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You Should Add this Ingredient to your Skincare Routine

You Should Add this Ingredient to your Skincare Routine

Throughout my journey in the skincare world, I've been constantly wowed by what I've learned about plants. The power of plants never ceases to amaze me. And it has only served to reinforce my approach to using results-driven and clinically-proven superfood ingredients.

And so today, I want to introduce you to one of the most amazing ingredients that I've ever discovered. Why it is so underrated is beyond me. But hey, that’s what I’m here for.

Introducingggggg… calendula! Or more commonly known as marigold. Here are 5 reasons why you need this ingredient in your skincare routine:

  • It’s anti-inflammatory
  • We’ve talked about skin inflammation before and it’s no joke. When your skin is inflamed, the collagen and elastin in your skin (aka. the thingies that keep your skin youthful, supple and soft) break down faster. Inflammation can also break down your skin barrier and causes your skin to become more sensitive, irritated and dehydrated. The cherry on top? It can also cause skin pigmentation.

    So what’s the deal with calendula then? 

    Well, it has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. People dealing with redness and irritation often find that calendula helps to soothe and calm their skin.

  • It’s an antioxidant
  • Have you ever heard of the term “free radicals”? Well, all you need to know is that they are molecules that can damage your skin. They break down your skin's collagen and elastin, which results in fine lines and wrinkles as well as loose skin. 

    However, you can help to slow down the effects of free radicals by adding antioxidants, such as calendula, into your skincare routine. Calendula contains compounds called carotenoids and flavonoids, which do a wonderful job at neutralizing free radicals and help your body to avoid oxidative stress. The results? Youthful, stress-free skin.

  • It’s antimicrobial
  • Remember when we said, happy microbiome = healthy-looking skin? Yup. Our bodies are the nest of trillions of bacteria and fungi (aka. the microbiome) that work together to keep your skin healthy. But sometimes (a lot of times, actually), unexpected things happen that throw that beautiful harmony out of balance. This becomes problematic for your skin and can lead to dandruff, rashes and acne.

    No worries, though. Calendula has amazing antimicrobial properties that do wonders at addressing these issues. Essentially, it manages your skin microbiome to keep all the microbes happy! 

    A splash of aquamarine-coloured liquid mist against a white background
  • It’s hydrating
  • One of the best ways to keep your skin looking smooth and soft? Hydration.

    It's magic. When your skin is hydrated, it means that it has all the water it needs to stay plump. This causes wrinkles and fine lines to become “filled out”. So what does that mean? It means that the appearance of any wrinkles or fine lines you may have will be minimized.

    And that’s another reason why calendula is such a golden ingredient. It can offer your skin so, so much hydration. Thirsty skin? Drink up.

  • It’s everyone’s best friend
  • Due to all of the above qualities that calendula has to offer, it's pretty much suitable for any skin type. 

    Even if your skin is on the sensitive side, calendula can help by relieving your skin of any redness and strengthen your skin barrier. And if this is not your skin type, you can always benefit from calendula’s phenomenal antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. What’s not to love?!

    Intrigued yet? Then add it to your routine now! Find it in Putty and our Nourishing Hand Sanitizer. 

    A moisturizer for irritated skin next to a nourishing hand sanitizer both of which are housed in white packaging


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