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  • Two serums in glass bottles placed on wooden platform covered with leaves.
    November 13, 2020

    #AskGraydon: Can You Apply Serums Twice A Day?

    That’s a great question and I’d love to answer it for you.

    To put it simply, there’s no simple answer.

    Whether you should use your serum once or twice a day depends on many factors. For example, it depends on what kind of ingredients are in your serums. It also largely depends on how your skin reacts to those specific ingredients.

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  • Skin Care Routine For The Seasons
    November 21, 2019

    Skin Care Routine For The Seasons

    Here are two Graydon Skincare starter routines for dry versus oily skin types :) Winter/Dry Tip: Start from your lightest product and work towards your heaviest! 1. Cleanse - Aloe Milk Cleanser This creamy cleanser will help soothe and hydrate...

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