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Sustainability: Where We’re At

So we’ve talked about sustainability before and what it means for Graydon Skincare. As a nature-inspired skincare brand whose strength lies in clinically-proven superfood ingredients, one of our main missions is to be mindful of our eco-footprint.

This is why we offer a number of sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

How are our products a sustainable choice, you may ask?

Well, our deluxe serum duo - which consists of our weightless Fullmoon Serum and nourishing Superfood Serum - are both housed in an eco-friendly glass bottle. Glass is an extremely sustainable material, as it can be recycled over and over again. 

Not to mention, it’s also considered resource-efficient, since it can be made from natural raw materials, such as sand.

A gold-coloured hydrating serum for dry skin in a glass bottle next to an aquamarine-coloured retinol alternative face serum in a glass bottle both of which are against a white background

But glass isn’t the only environmental decision that we've decided to go with. We also offer products that are packaged in 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic: our super refreshing Face Food Mineral Mist and luxurious Intimacy Oil

But wait, isn’t PCR plastic still, well, plastic?

Short answer: Yes. 

However, it is plastic waste that has been sterilized and repurposed. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. The biggest advantage is that the production of PCR plastic does not require the use of new fossil resources. 

Also, unlike single-use plastic, it’s recyclable - making it the no-brainer choice for product packaging. 

A deep blue coloured vegan body oil for dry skin in a PCR plastic bottle next to a light blue coloured vegan hydrating face mist in a PCR plastic bottle against a white background

And last but not least, we have our Bamboo Charcoal Sponge. This little goodie brings your cleansing routine to the next level. It offers a mild exfoliation that’s gentle enough for everyday use and gives you that perfect, healthy glow. It’s also fully biodegradable. This means that it will break down naturally over time and not overburden landfills.

A bamboo charcoal konjac sponge for sensitive skin against a white background

This is where we’re at in terms of sustainability.

I’ll be the the first to admit that we can do so much better. All of our efforts and contributions so far act as a good first step. However, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement. And my team and I plan on turning our visions for sustainability to reality in the very near future. 

Stay tuned to witness our journey to becoming your eco-conscious skincare choice ❤️


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Photo Credit for Main Image: Lucas Allmann

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