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This is the Only Men’s Skincare Routine You Need to Look More Handsome and Impress Your Next Date

This is the Only Men’s Skincare Routine You Need to Look More Handsome and Impress Your Next Date

*This article was written by Kat, one of our fav skincare, beauty and ingredient researchers!
Above photo cred to @themethodmale (IG)
Men’s skincare probably sounds like alchemy to you.
Especially if you’ve only used a 3-in-1 hair, body, and face wash all your life, the idea of starting a skincare routine now seems even more daunting. 
What does a toner do? How does a serum work? Do you need an eye cream? etc. 
Fortunately, I’m here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, men’s skincare could be very simple and easy to do.
And it all starts with understanding your own skin.

Are there any differences between male and female skin?

Yes! There are a few general differences. And here’s what they mean for you as a man.
Thickness: Your thicker skin means it’s more resilient, youthful, and firm. But it could also come with other problems – such as more dead skin building up. 
Texture: Male skin is typically rougher and tougher because of your (literal) thicker skin. It means that your skin can retain more moisture, and so it’s less wrinkly.
Sebum: Since men usually produce more sebum (oil) on their skin, it’ll be softer and more moisturized. However, it could lead to issues like clogged pores and blackheads.
Collagen: Your skin also has more collagen protein. The more collagen you have, the more elastic and youthful your skin is. 
Facial Hair: Having a beard keeps your skin moist and protects it from environmental stresses. And since your skin is protected, it’ll look better and more youthful.

Should men use skincare products?

While it’s true that men’s skin is generally more durable, you should never neglect it. Just as how you would work out and groom your hair (and maybe beard), you should also give your skin the same attention. After all, the skin is our largest organ.
We all want to look the best for our age, both men and women. And for that, it’s necessary to have a skincare routine.

Is men’s skincare different from women’s skincare?


With all that talk about how male skin is different from female skin, you’d think that men need dedicated skincare products, right?
Well, not really.
Everyone’s skin is unique, whether you’re a man or a woman. You can be a man with very dry skin, which means you need more hydrating products. Or you can be someone who has thin and sensitive skin, which means you need products that won’t irritate it. 
So don’t get caught up on if it’s men’s skincare or women’s skincare. What you should pay attention to are the ingredients. Think, would the ingredients in your products solve your skin concerns?  
And keep in mind, men’s skincare or women’s skincare, they’re all just the same ingredients - wrapped up in different packaging. So really, it’s a matter of preference and personal taste.
The key is to understand your own skin and choose products that work best for you.

The only skincare routine you need

Usually, for men, the idea of developing a skincare routine may seem daunting. I mean, after all, you’ve never really thought much of it before, right?
Fortunately for you, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated.
In fact, it could be as easy as one-two-three. And that’s what we’re going to help you with today.


Cleansing is really the foundation of good skincare.
Think about it, the skin is our largest organ. And it faces so much abuse from the world every day – sun, heat, pollution, sweat, oil, etc. Over time, these stressors would wear down your skin.
Just like how you would shower every day, it’s also important to cleanse your face every day.
However, you can’t just use your regular 3-in-1 hair, body, and face wash for your face. You need a gentle cleanser that will clean your skin without stripping it of moisture and natural oils. 
We recommend using the Aloe Milk Cleanser once at night and once in the morning.  It has Vitamin B3, which does so many wonderful things - like improving dry skin and making it look brighter and glowy. Also, it helps to reduce redness with geranium oil.


We recommend shaving after cleansing for two reasons. 
One, accidents happen. You might get a nick or a cut while shaving. And if that happens, you definitely don’t want it on a dirty face. Imagine all the grime and bacteria attacking your open wounds. Not good at all.
Two, cleansing will help open up the pores on your face. This lets your razor get in and cut the hair at a low spot, allowing for that smooth shave that you want. It’ll also soften your hair follicles, making it way easier to shave.
The good thing at this point is that you have already prepped your skin for the shave.
Now, just use your regular razor and do the deed.
But what happens post shaving is also equally as important, because your skin may now become irritated. That’s why you need to close those pores and calm your skin down.
For this, we recommend using our Face Food Mineral Mist. It contains a cocktail of minerals including zinc, magnesium, silver, copper, and malachite which help to soothe and smooth that gorgeous face of yours! 
Just spray it all over your face and use your hands to gently pat it in.   
Note: If you use an electric shaver, then shave before cleansing. 


After cleansing, you need to replenish your skin with extra moisture. And yes, you’d still need to moisturize even if your skin is on the oily side. 
Here’s why.
After cleansing, your skin will experience trans-epidermal water loss (aka TEWL). What this means is that water from the under layer of your skin will pass through the outer layer of your skin, then it’ll evaporate from your skin’s surface. This leaves your skin dry and dehydrated. As we all know, dry skin usually leads to more wrinkles, and you prob don’t want that!
So to avoid parched skin,  we recommend Phyto Clear, which has a light gel texture - suitable for all skin types, especially for men. The best thing is that it has two different types of botanical Retinol. They do a bunch of good things for your skin - like minimizing the appearance of large pores, fine lines,  and wrinkles. It also helps to brighten your complexion, make it smooth, supple (and kissable ;).
However, if your skin is on the dry (and mature) side, and you want something with more punch, then the Berry Rich Cream will be perfect for you. It has glycerin, which works wonderfully to pull in moisture to your skin. It also has blue-green algae and blueberry seed oil to nourish and protect your skin.
And the best thing about it? It contains vegan probiotics that give your skin barrier the strength it needs to keep unsightly acne and rosacea at bay. Oh, and you can use it around your eye area too!
And after that, just put on your sunscreen if you’re heading out during the day. Then you’re all set!

Final words

Perfecting your own skincare routine is possible!
When you just start out with a routine, don’t expect to see ground-breaking results immediately. You may notice your skin becomes clearer or brighter. But to see long-lasting results, you need to keep up with your routine. 
Just like with anything, consistency is the key. 
The products we recommend above should work for anyone’s skin. But to be completely sure, please contact us at and we’ll help you figure out the best products for your unique skin needs!





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