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Meet Ange: Sales Strategy + Brand Expert

Meet Ange: Sales Strategy + Brand Expert

Hi, I'm Ange and I recently started working with the Graydon team. I have a passion for all things emerging impact brands. I manage our wholesale strategy, provide guidance to retailers and focus on our global growth. I have worked with brands in the natural beauty industry and consumer product space for more than seven years and I’m so grateful to have found Graydon. 

I’m honoured to have worked with more than 80 consumer brands over seven years. This experience includes brand development, sales and operations leadership in Canada, the USA and Europe, working closely with retailers including Selfridge’s, Kroger, CVS Health, Urban Outfitters, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and more. I love supporting the success of all retail partners and helping emerging impact brands reach their best customers, because I believe business can be a force for good. More sales mean more meaningful impact, and that’s true sustainability.

As a busy Millennial (single) mother, raising my daughter in downtown Toronto, I appreciate locally-made, women-owned brands. Graydon is the perfect fit. I’m drawn to our products because they’re effective and safe for my health, too. I have evolving skin care needs in my late 30s (I might be getting close to turning 40…) so I want products that support my fine lines and the odd blemish still making an appearance. I also appreciate knowing I share the same values with Graydon—caring for people and the planet, and promoting health and wellness in our communities.

It’s hard to narrow it down, but so far, some of my favourite products are Phyto Clear, Face Glow and Intimacy Oil. I can’t wait to share our incredible brand with new retailers, especially in new markets, so more people can join us and discover what makes Graydon products so special.

I’m curious to know—Is there a retailer that you wish carried Graydon products, maybe your favourite shop or local market? Send us a DM on social media, so we can do our best to help bring Graydon to your community.



Our sustainability journey continues! We've partnered with Pact to help ensure that hard-to-recycle beauty packaging is actually recycled. Click here to learn more.


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