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How Pollution Affects Your Skin

How Pollution Affects Your Skin

One of the biggest trends in skincare this year is the amount of anti-pollution products that are being introduced into the beauty market. 

To combat environmental stressors and toxic pollutants, anti-pollution products seek to protect the skin from free radicals and strengthen our skin barrier to prevent bacteria from infiltrating. 

We are all aging (hopefully, gracefully) but increased pollution is starting to accelerate that process and cause premature aging. 

Anti-aging products which have been long linked to older demographics are now relevant for all who are exposed to environmental stressors.

It's become more common for younger customers to see signs of uneven skin texture, dark spots and fine lines thanks to the amount of pollutants in the air we are exposed to in a daily basis (especially in urban areas). 

Rather than sitting on our skin, these particles penetrate deep within our skin on a cellular level causing negative reactions like dehydration, inflammation and causes our skin to lose its elasticity and firmness. Since these particles can alter the behaviour of healthy cells and cause chronic inflammation (learn about the difference between acute and chronic inflammation here). Over time, inflammation can cause skin discoloration and collagen breakdown. 

Pollution breaks down the lipid layer of our skin barrier which is responsible for making our skin look hydrated and dewy. It also impacts our collagen production as well and causes collagen to break down. 

Our Fullmoon Serum is formulated with an anti-pollution complex to shield your skin from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress. This complex is derived from moringa oleifera seed extract. What makes moringa so valuable in anti-pollution products is that it performs a protective layer on the skin so particles can't cause damage to cells and accelerate the aging process. Anything from cigarette smoke, to the burning of fossil fuels can damage your complexion but the complex will make your skin less susceptible to environmental pollution. 

Research has shown that this anti-pollution complex can decrease particle adhesion to the skin, reducing pollution induced inflammation by 48%. 

Moringa is also rich in Vitamin C which is a great botanical source of Vitamin C compared to synthetic versions, safe for sensitive skin. Fullmoon Serum is ph Balanced, detox skin and protects skin from premature aging. 

Since Fullmoon Serum is a rich source of vitamin C it works great with our Superfood Serum which is rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin C and vitamin E work well together because they both assist in each other in neutralizing free radical damage. Vitamin E is very antioxidant rich which is essential for fighting free radicals but once it has healed free radical damage it does require regeneration. Vitamin C provides Vitamin E with a much needed 'boost' to kickstart its free radical fighting ability again. 

Use these serums to protect your skin from pollution and premature aging. 

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