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A woman in comfortable winter clothing sitting near a fireplace applying a blue vegan body oil to her arm

Dry Skin? Give The Lotion Sandwich A Try.

Winter is coming! *ominous Game of Thrones music intensified*

What does that mean for you? Dry skin. Very, very dry and tight skin. Super dehydrated and thirsty skin. I’m talking about the kind of dryness that leaves you flaky and itchy all over. This is common in the winter due to the dry weather, which causes the water in your skin to evaporate. Basically, your skin is not able to hold on to the moisture that it needs.

While we often put in more thought when it comes to facial skincare, we usually neglect the skin on our body. Normally, we're able to get away with it. But in the wintertime, this negligence could wreak some serious havoc on your skin.

The good news? You don’t need as many products for your body as you do for your face. In fact, you only need two products to make a world of difference: a lotion and a body oil. 

A bottle of multipurpose face and body lotion for sensitive skin against a white background

You might ask: "What’s the difference between the two and why would you want to use both of them?"

To put it simply, a body lotion is typically a more lightweight product that's designed to draw water into your skin, while keeping it soft and supple. As for a body oil, it’s typically thicker and works to create a protective barrier over your skin to help prevent water loss.  

As you can see, while they’re both meant to moisturize your skin, they work in two completely different ways. 

Introducing the sandwich method! 😍

Here’s how it works: After you shower and pat your skin semi-dry, put on a lotion, like our multipurpose All Over Face + Body Lotion. This will help your skin to hold onto all that water after your shower. Damp skin is a great team-player, as it can help the ingredients in your lotion to penetrate your skin better and work their magic. Then, wait for your skin to dry a bit and apply a body oil on top -  such as our vegan Intimacy Oil. This will help to stop your skin from losing any more water - effectively preventing dehydration. 

A bottle of blue-coloured vegan body oil for dry skin against a white background

Now, if you’re worried that an oil might make your skin feel greasy then rest assured, as Intimacy Oil is specifically formulated to be a “dry oil”. It absorbs into the skin in no time and DOESN’T leave an oily residue on your skin. That means you can get dressed quickly and not have to wait for it to soak into your skin!

In shorter terms? When you “sandwich” a body oil on top of a body lotion, the deeper layers of your skin will also receive the moisture, giving your skin a more long term moisturizing effect. The result? An ultra-nourishing “meal” that your dry, dehydrated skin will thank you for!

So if you’re interested in keeping your skin buttery-soft and ultra-hydrated all winter long, then head right over to our website and snatch the All Over Face + Body Lotion and Intimacy Oil combo! ❤️

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