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Air Pollution is Ruining Your Skin

Air Pollution is Ruining Your Skin

Living in a big city during the summer is has always brought us such joy - all the sights and sounds and smells of the filling the air, as days are spent people watching with a nice cool drink in hand. However, with the summer heat also comes the unavoidable changes in your complexion. Many experience an increase in breakouts as the seasons change, and for that there are many reasons. It’s hot, it’s humid, oh - and there’s tons of air pollution sticking to your skin.

Unfortunately, air pollution effecting your skin and your health isn’t something you can fix by staying indoors under the A/C. New research from the UK shows that pollution levels inside our homes can be higher than those outside. A study commissioned by environment charity Global Action Plan found that indoor air pollution can be 3.5 times worse than outdoor air pollution!

What contributes to this? Cooking, candles, and other burning items your home. Other innocuous culprits include paints, varnishes, cleaning supplies, hair dye, and synthetic fragrances.

So how can you make a change in your own home?

We suggest switching to natural, safe alternatives when you can, and by keeping a window open to get that air flow going! We have lots of hair, body, and home alternatives -  so you know you’re making smart choices.

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