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A Holiday Message from Graydon

A Holiday Message from Graydon

As the end of year approaches, I wanted to reach out and share where we’re at and encourage you to keep us in mind as you navigate through this holiday season.

Many of us have experienced a less-than-stellar year. Almost everyone I know is feeling tremendous uncertainty. From economics to geopolitics it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. While I navigate through these muddy, uncertain waters I go back to my yoga training and exposure to Buddhism. There is a fairly well known Buddhist saying, “No mud. No lotus.” It means that for the lotus flower to bloom it has to grow through muddy water. I have been reminding myself that I too can bloom amidst, and through, the muddiness of life. If you are feeling challenged these days, I am hoping you might find solace in this saying too.  

I remind myself we don’t just sell skincare; we empower people to feel better with the small joy of daily skincare rituals

I thought I would also share some reflections, and be open about feeling vulnerable through this not-so-easy time. Even though everyone’s challenges are different, I hope that my sharing may help you to navigate your own personal journey.

When I feel a wave of anxiety knocking at my door, here are a few things I remind myself to stay grounded and hopeful. 

  1. I remind myself how I started this business on my own as a single parent, juggling multiple work gigs, bootstrapping, pivoting and making mistakes. All of that contributed to making Graydon what it is today. I remind myself to be proud of navigating through this journey. 
  2. While I’m a natural born worrier and all the economic and geo-political uncertainty weighs heavily on me, I remind myself to trust my intuition that we will get through these challenges and come out ok on the other side.  
  3. I remind myself we don’t just sell skincare; we empower people to feel better with the small joy of daily skincare rituals. It gives me great pleasure to know that I can help people feel good, not just look good. 
  4. I remind myself that our sustainable practices are real and powerful and that we have the opportunity to truly make beauty better. Being a leader and setting higher standards in clean beauty with responsible marketing and multifunctional products positively impacts the world. This makes me feel proud and anchors me knowing that I will leave a positive legacy for people and the planet. 

My mission to make beauty better by formulating with plant-based, superfood goodness has never been more clear in my mind. This is what makes our brand different from all the other skincare companies out there. Inspired by my days as a vegan chef, my focus has always been to feed your skin (from the outside in) with sustainable, nutrient-rich ingredients that help you look and feel your best. 

I am so grateful to have grown a respected brand with a diverse range of products that nourish all the parts of your body, from tip to toe. I’m also grateful that I’ve been able to build a passionate and committed team that shares my mission of making beauty better. More than anything else, I am so grateful to do this with you! You are the secret sauce in this special recipe. You are our family. You make up our community. You believe in us and show your support by using and promoting our products. We could not do this without you. So thank you for being who you are. 

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of good skin from Graydon. Because we are a genderless, age agnostic brand serving all skin types and tones, gifting Graydon is easy. There’s something for everyone's taste and budget. 

Sending you love, gratitude and energy to take care of both yourself and your loved ones. 

Until next year!

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