What is Azelaic Acid? – Graydon Skincare What is Azelaic Acid?
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What is Azelaic Acid?

What is Azelaic Acid?

Azelaic acid, a little known powerhouse ingredient, is our new favourite ingredient. But what is azelaic acid, and how can it help your skin?

Well, it helps to brighten your skin, unclog pores, refine skin's surface, reduce skin sensitivity, and deliver antioxidant benefits. It’s that good.

This superstar active we use is derived from grains (but don't worry - it's gluten-free!). It is natural produced by yeast that lives on normal skin. In fact, it's something you didn't realize is working it's way around your skin right now!

When applied topically, it works to brighten your skin tone and even your complexion. It can even act as an antioxidant, and can help reduce sensitivity.

Not only that, but azelaic acid helps to reduce blemishes! It works on skin as a gentle leave-on exfoliant which helps unclog pores and refine skin's surface.

So basically, it's straight up clinically-proven, plant-powered magic.

Find it is our Face Foam as the perfect start to your skincare routine!