Time for Me to Come Clean on a Few of my Regrets

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Given what I do for a living, you'd think I would have made good choices with my skin from the get-go, but no, I've made lots of big mistakes, and it's taken me years to get my health and my face back in shape! Here are just a few highlights of what I did wrong!

Back in the 80's there was not much awareness about protecting your skin from the sun, and even less about staying away from toxic chemicals. That said, I greatly regret over-sunning myself the summer I spent in Nice, taking Grade 13 French. I got a few burns and an allergic reaction from acne meds, and have since then have spent considerable time (and money) working on reversing the latent sunspots I developed on my chest and face. I would have never had these issues if I had used a good zinc-based protective moisturizer, worn a broad rimmed hat and just sat under an umbrella.
Inspired by an article from Seventeen Magazine featuring Molly Ringwald, I mistakenly learned it was an apparently good idea to air-dry my face after washing it every night. Coupled with a hefty dose of Ten-O-Six from Bonne Bell (some of you will remember this dastardly potion!), this unfortunate habit left my face so dry and devoid of moisture that I totally hi-jinked my normal flow of oil production which resulted in my glands over compensating with a super oily skin t-zone.   
I have not used a toner since I was a young teenager when I didn’t know better. T
he only reason I did use that nasty Bonne Bell 10-0-6 astringent was because it gave me some kind of sadistic pleasure to see how much dirt there was on the cotton pad, until the day I realized that it was actually stripping my skin. 
For sure times and products have changed, but still there is a part of
that doesn't *ever* want a toner in my skincare regimen again, which is exactly why I created our Face Food which so gently mists and tones your skin, hydrating while it works to balance your pH, relieve inflammation and oxidative stress.
​ ​
Back to the regrets, I also have to admit I used to pick at my skin. I thought I knew what I was doing but I caused much more harm than good because hacking away at my face resulted in scarring that lingered much longer than the actual pimples would have.

The silver lining out of this vicious cycle was that I eventually learned to make better choices for myself in my 20's. Having grown up on diet of staples like bologna sandwiches, 'cheese' slices, dill pickle chips, Tang and oreos, I finally went off the pill and began fueling myself with unrefined carbs, lots of veggies, plant-based protein and healthy desserts which inspired me to start a macrobiotic home delivery business when I lived in LA during the 90's.

A commitment to these dietary choices eventually got my health and face back-on-track, and that's when I started to discover that there were a ton of great ingredients in my kitchen I could use on my skin. It was before the days of cell phones so regrettably, I have no photos to share of my first batch of skincare creations, like when I whipped up a batch of cream (which eventually morphed into The Putty) with my hand blender. My roommate came into our little Santa Monica kitchen, stuck her finger in the bowl b'cuz she thought it was a bowl full of (vegan) custard. Lol, the taste was not what she expected!

So enough reminiscing of the first 25 years of my life! It's taken me almost another 25 to get where we are today and it's been worth every road block and challenge we've had along the way. 

Some products have been easier than others for us to produce, and one of the areas we've struggled with is producing high-quality soap that's good for both your skin and the environment. Though our Aloe Milk Cleanser is our best selling product, we've also had a bazillion requests for a foam cleanser!

And as such, I'm super jazzed to present a brand new product that I'm pretty sure you and your face are going to adore so I'm thrilled to introduce you to our newest addition to the Graydon family called Face Foam - a super sensitive, totally unscented, creamy feeling foam cleanser infused with a bevy of great actives to smooth and tone your skin. 

Light but effective, it won't strip your skin or mess with the delicate acid mantle which protects your face. Seriously, it works with every skin type I've ever met, and that's a whole lot! My fave time to use it is when I get up in the morning in the shower. And it's now a permanent fixture in my overnight/gym bag. 

Just like the food I like to eat, it has great plant-powered ingredients like:

  • Bamboo which is rich in silica and helps give you silky smooth skin!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar that's known for its anti-microbial qualities and ability to remove product buildup
  • White Willow Bark, a natural source of BHA which helps to gently re-surface skin
Give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. And remember, feed your skin with ultra pure plant-powered ingredients. Your skin will thank you.
Graydon xo

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