Thirsty Skin & You Forgot Your Toilet Kit? No Worries! Here's a DIY Mist You Can Make On The Go.

DIY maple cedar mist
Life is full of irony, so like the cobbler that has no shoes, sometimes I find that even I am lacking in skin care essentials… like when I was away on a little trip last weekend.

wild medicinal mushroomsDespite the change of weather, it was still super hot out and after being out on a long walk foraging for wild medicinal mushrooms in the forest, I was sticky, parched and in need of hefty dose of our Face Food. After somewhat desperately ransacking my rucksack, I realized that I'd forgotten my bottle in the city so I needed to improvise if I was going to effectively quench my skin.

Luckily we stocked up on my new favorite bevvy maple water which happens to be extremely mineral rich. Yup, I’m talking maple sap which come Spring time in Canada, flows upwards from soil, through roots and into the trunk of sugar maple trees. 

The super cool things about sap, is that as it flows from the roots and through the tree, it picks up some wonderful skin friendly minerals along the way including calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Happily, maple water is also super low glycemic.

So what did I do? I poured some into this  cool little bottle (which we found for sale in a vintage store on the way back to the cottage ) with a ‘just picked’ sprig of cedar and stuck it in the fridge. It was super refreshing and so easy to make. We kept it in the fridge over night, and it was so extra invigorating first thing in the morning.

And yes, it quenched my dehydrated face too :)

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