The Canadian Company That Will Change Your Perspective on Skincare

The Canadian Company That Will Change Your Perspective on Skincare


Founded five years ago by Graydon Moffat – a single mom whose resume boasts a culinary background, a master’s degree in Fine Arts, and a notable history as a yoga instructor – the line is quickly gaining an impressive fan base after humble beginnings. We feel a little late to the game, seeing as Graydon has been featured on Best Health, Bustle, Lainey Gossip, Refinery29, W Magazine, and the coveted American Vogue. However, Moffat has not let the recent press get to her head. “I think sometimes people think we are bigger than we actually are… It’s nice that we’re getting a little bit of US coverage, but we really have barely scratched the surface.”

Her honesty is refreshing. In a world where social media seems to be a stream of humble brags and people will bleed their 15 minutes of fame until the interest runs dry, the Graydon team keeps their eye on the prize.

What is that prize exactly? Well, part of it is to expand the product range. “I love the whole creative process. What makes me excited is coming up with new products. And gosh, we are coming up with some amazing ones.” Moffat spills to us in a recent phone interview.

One product in the works is a botanical serum, one that will surely become a must-have, as it’s got all the beauty ingredient buzzwords (vitamin c, peptides, collagen, retinol, hyaluronic acid, anti-pollution complex) and presents in a stunning bright blue colour. You can sense the excitement in her voice as she describes it. In her words, “it is remarkable.”

The other side of the brand’s future is wellness, and promoting the adoption healthier lifestyle, from inside out AND outside in. “I love it when people buy our products, but I also love it when people read our blog and take a DIY recipe and make it, and email me, and give me their results.” The brand’s namesake describes, “I think this brand is a by-product of the overall wellness community. People are making better choices for themselves, from what they eat, how they move their body, how they sleep. What you put on your body is just another component of that. So, it’s more about skin health, not just skin care.”

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