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You've heard about the benefits of taking vitamins but with the increasing popularity of superfoods the word 'supplements' keeps getting used. Have you ever wondered what the heck that word actually means?

If that's the case, you're not alone! Generally speaking, the word 'supplement' is a broad term that includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, extracts, and other food derivatives (like superfoods) which are meant to supply you with whatever you might be deficient in.

When you body gets nourished with what it needs, an added benefit is that you might start looking better too - so we thought you'd like to learn a little more some of our favorite beauty supplements.

Have a look at the list below. You'll be happy to know you can find all these awesome ingredients in our products too! Click here if you want even more detailed information!

Astaxanthin: This is a powerful antioxidant that can be used topically and orally for sun protection, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties it’s great for skin conditions. It’s also good for elasticity and to help reduce signs of aging.

Vitamin C: The body requires vitamin C to make collagen, which aids skin when it needs to heal. In some cases, it may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s also been used to enhance sunscreen effectiveness by decreasing cell damage, and acts as an antioxidant against free radicals. 

Spirulina: This is a form of algae which is regarded as a “superfood” by many nutritionists and contains significant amounts of protein, lipid, carbs, fiber, nucleic acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s often used to slow aging, protect from toxins, and promote mental health.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is recommended for inflammatory skin disorders like psoriasis and contact dermatitis, anti-aging and sunburns. On top of that, there is adequate evidence to suggest it can help to treat PMS symptoms, anemia, and sunburn.

Evening Primrose Oil: This oil derived from the primrose plant can be used to treat acne.

Hyaluronic AcidAlso known as sodium hyaluronate this is the number one ingredient for beauty supplements for deeply hydrating effects.

Manuka Honey: Manuka honey differs from your typical flower honey in that it contains higher levels of enzymes. Because it’s a natural antibiotic, it’s great for a number of things involving the stomach and the gut, and treating acne. You can eat it straight or put it in tea.

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