Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

summer hair care tips
I love warm weather, 
sunshine, and swimming but I don't love what the summerseason does to my otherwise healthy hair. The combination of the heat and humidity plus wear and tear from my fave warm weather activities (dog walks, cycling, doing laps in my girlfriend’s pool and swimming in the lake) can lead to dryness, frizz, breakage, and it’s even changed my hair color. You could say that my tresses are not looking so mermaid-y.
Bedraggled limp hair with kinky dry ends is not exactly the look I’m going for! And if you’re having some bad hair days too, there’s no need to stay indoors and miss the fun outside, I have some great summer hair care tips which will help to give you beautiful hair all season long.

Take Advantage of the Heat
Next time you’re at the pool or lying on a dock, apply a hydrating conditioner to the ends of your hair, then wrap in a bun. The heat of the sun will help it penetrate your hair shafts, leaving you with smooth, moisturized strands. And it will help prevent your hair from being damaged by chlorine or saltwater (if you’re lucky enough to be oceanside :)

Rinse with Fresh Water
This summer hair care tip is so simple, but it makes a huge difference! Before going swimming (in a pool or ocean) rinse your hair with fresh, clean water or better yet a mineral rich spritz. Your hair can only absorb so much liquid, so it will absorb the clean water rather than the unpurified ocean or chemical-laden pool water. This will help to prevent your hair from getting too dry or changing shades.

Prevent Green Hair
Anyone with light-colored hair fears contracting a green tint from swimming pool water known as “pool hair” which is a result of algaecide, which prevents algae from growing in pools.

To help prevent this, mist your hair (before diving in) with a mineral rich spray which contains silver and zinc to help neutralize chemical laden water. You can double up by applying a moisture rich, light conditioner to prevent pool chemicals from getting in!

Fight The Frizz
Sun, chlorine and saltwater can all dry out hair and lead to breakage, which is the root of frizz. Fight hair dryness by switching to a shampoo that won’t strip your strands and a silicone free conditioner. For a little extra boost of shine, you can use a few drops of anourishing oil blend to smooth your hair cuticles.

More Frequent Shampooing
Just as your face becomes more oily in the summer, so too does your scalp. If you find that your usual hair washing routine isn’t cutting it, you may need to decrease the frequency of your shampoo sessions and “wash” your hair more frequently with a conditioner instead.

And Last But Not Least, Try The ACV Trick!
It may sound odd to spritz your locks with something like Apple Cider Vinegar (aka ACV) but it just might be the miracle worker you’ve been looking for. On a technical level, ACV helps to remove the heavy metals, product build-up, chlorine and sweat that get stuck in your hairfollicles, scalp and actual tresses and helps to close the cuticle layer of your hair and bring its pH back to normal.

Note that you won’t want to be pouring it right over your head so we just happen to havethis super easy DIY for you. Btw, it doesn't interfere with dye you might have in your hair(in case you're worried about those beautiful highlights).

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