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Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

What is Thanksgiving without all the glorious mounds of food on the table in front of you. *cue drooling emoji here*

One of the best things about Thanksgiving celebrations (other than family and friends) is the sweet pumpkin aroma that fills the air. The minute you step into the kitchen you smell all sorts of delicious goodies that start with the word pumpkin

PS I'd like to personally give thanks to Pumpkin Spice Lattes
(don't worry, we have a recipe for that too)

Immerse Yourself With The Goodness of Pumpkin 

Craving the flavour of fall? We've got you covered!
From pumpkin fudge, to pumpkin pie, and even homemade spiced pumpkin latte, we've got all your family-friendly, joy-inducing pumpkin eats. With full bellies and a glowing face, enjoy the holidays from our family to yours!

Pumpkin Glow Forever

What if I told you that you could have this pumpkin-glow whenever you want!? Face Glow helps achieve this illuminating-yet-subtle glow all year round, and harnesses the power of pumpkin seed oil. 

Pumpkin seed oil is jam packed with a plethora of goodies such as vitamin E, zinc, omega 3- and 6- fatty acids, and antioxidants. In other words, this super oil helps retain moisture, fight free radicals, improve skin tone, help with skin renewal, and fight acne. Wow! It carries anti-aging properties and will help your skin look refreshed and youthful!

Face Glow is our favourite multitasking product, as it doubles as an illuminator and highlighter for an elegant “no makeup” makeup look. This lightweight formula delivers brightening and highlighting effects for an overall dewy, healthy-looking, post-stuffing-your-face-with-goodies radiance ;)