This is what your grandmother did to make her face look so fresh (no 'pore strips' required :)

This is what your grandmother did to make her face look so fresh (no 'pore strips' required :)

As a natural astringent, parsley effectively pulls out toxins and other skin clogging impurities. Keep on reading if you want to know how do you turn this into a quick Decongesting Beauty Treatment!

benefits of parsley
1. Submerge a freshly washed bunch of parsley in a pot of boiling water with a washcloth. 

2. Allow the parsley and washcloth to soak until the water has cooled enough to take the cloth out of the bowl without boiling your fingers. 

3. Take the washcloth and place it over you face for a nice long steam. 

4. Give yourself at least 5 minutes to enjoy the moist pleasant aroma.
5. If you have time, steam even longer. Just warm the parsley water in the pot and repeat the process. 

6. For added decongestion and a few drops of purifying essential oil to boost the efficacy of the treatment. 

7. Take a close look at your face in a magnifying mirror paying close attention to your nose, chin and forehead. You should be able to see that your pores have opened and if so, you may wish to gently extract any blackheads, whiteheads and/or (non-cystic) blemishes using a clean cloth. They should release easily.

8. Do not over-zealously squeeze any spots as you may cause more trouble than just leaving them alone.

9. Be sure to follow up with a generous spritz of our Face Food Mineral Mist to close your pores and to reduce any inflammation due to the extraction process.   
Feel free to repeat at least once a week and
above all, enjoy your fresh clean skin :) 

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