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I was lucky enough to have tea with a longtime friend who just happens to be a master astrologer as well as a former beauty editor at Vogue Russia. Talking about beauty and the stars are her passions. Our chit chat went long into the night, and it's no surprise that she helped me learn how our astrological sign dictates what one's skin needs!
Now before some of you think this is too woo-woo give me a second! I'm not suggesting you need to follow my below-mentioned suggestions verbatim but I can pretty much guarantee that if you and your skin are confused as to what to use (and you don't happen to have your own personal astrologer to consult) this will give you some much needed 411! Not to mention, you'll learn about your friends and family as well.
Hint: this will be super helpful for the upcoming gift giving season!

Water Signs

Let's start with Water Signs which include Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces which are bursting with deep feelings, empathy, and intuition. They are nurturing, inspiring, and often sympathetic. They are also passionate, tempestuous, and emotional! Depending on where you stand with them a Water Sign can be your safest harbour or the most terrifying tidal wave!

Water Signs often need to detox and that includes their skin so the best choices for them from GRAYDON would be our Keto Cleanse Superfood Mask + Scrub, and Superfood Serum (to replenish after detoxing).

Earth Signs  

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are hard workers who are grounded in earthly pleasure. They are reliable and steady but they can get stuck and exhaust themselves in their drive for security.

Earth Sign skin types often need replenishing. The enterprising and sensual Earth Signs require high-quality cleansers and moisturizers to replenish the energy they doggedly expend so the best choices for them from GRAYDON would be our Face Foam Cleanser, Green Cream as well as our Face Glow Tinted Primer + Illuminator.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are known as Fire Signs and they tend to burn hot with passion! They can also tend to have red hot tempers and charge ahead without stopping to think things through.

They are warriors, leaders, and explorers but patience is not their best attribute. The struggle to succeed and stand out can leave these effervescent Fire Signs literally red in the face.

Quote seriously, those who are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius often they have issues with redness and inflammation. Fire signs can also literally burn themselves out as they forge ahead on a pet project or cause. This can take the form of thin, papery skin.

That said, people with a Fire Sign need products that are cooling and restoring and the best choices for them from GRAYDON would be our Aloe Milk Cleanser, Face Food Mineral Mist and Berry Rich Cream.

Air Signs

In case you didn't know, I'm a Libra and along with Gemini and Aquarius we known as the Air Signs. The Zodiac would suggest we are the best communicators with a strong drive to socialize and spread information.

The Air Signs tend to be hip, trendy, and always 'in the know'. With their minds constantly a buzz and a sometimes frenetic personality, this can lend itself to having a tired looking face.

Air Signs need calming products to help balance their mental energy and the best choices for them from GRAYDON would be our Sensitive Skin StuffThe Putty, and Before Bed Mist (which is a good one to help calm their busy minds :)

Interesting Astro-Beauty Facts

Libra (which as previously mentioned, is my sign) is ruled by Venus who rules beauty and among other things, Libra governs the skin. (Go figure that I started a skincare company, right?)

Many Libras have very fine, sensitive skin which responds beautifully to gentle care. All signs can benefit from soothing and luxurious body care but as the children of beautiful Venus, Libra and Taurus will positively delight in it our All Over Elixir.

While it’s well known that Scorpios can use their sharp powers of intuition with laser-like focus. Empathetic Pisces can inadvertently soak up a toxic environment. Both signs respond to uplifting essential oils like our Germs Away Concentrate

You only have to look at Leo’s Lion glyph to know this sign will demand a well-groomed mane. Often people toss off the expression Virgo Virgins but this earth sign is related to Spring and delights in acts of caring and conservation. Both fiery Leo and more grounded Virgo appreciate luxurious hair care and would enjoy some luxurious new Matcha Mint Shampoo and Hair Smoothie.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as Gracey and I enjoyed writing this piece for you. If nothing else, it ought to give you a ton of great gift idea for the upcoming season upon us.

P.S. If you want to get your own astrological consultation with Gracey and learn more about your skin at the same time, check her out at Signs and Stars by Gracey By Design. 

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