Life In The Mountains

Here are some photos from our trip one of the very last Incan communities which is a little village high up in the mountains called Q'eros (at a whopping 15,000' above sea level). 

Know for an abundance of Alpaca and purple potatoes, this ancient community lives off the grid with no electricity or running water. We spent 3 days there to learn about how they live and farm using ancient methods. It was a life changing, amazing experience!

incan village peru
We were basically living in the middle of the clouds so it was pretty much always raining!

Learning about indigenous herbs from the local healer was incredibly inspiring. 

There were many more alpacas than people. They all roamed freely (no pens) so you really had to watch your step as they went to the bathroom everywhere!

These age old stone homes were filled with hay for people to sleep on. They had no chimney and all the cooking took place inside so things could get a little smokey. The roofs were thatched which provided some ventilation.

Blessed with ice cold rivers and streams to drink from villagers rarely showered. Water was gathered here for cooking and watering crops. 

It was a very moving and magical experience to stumble upon this ancient graveyard. Our guide said that these tombs dated back to over 1000 years.

While the men farmed the women looked after the children, cooked, sewed clothes and made beautiful weavings.

If you closely you will see that this young woman is spinning wool. Mountain dogs ran free in abandon to heard the alpacas to keep them safe from predators. 

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