It's That Time Of Year To Make Some Resolutions

It's That Time Of Year To Make Some Resolutions

bad hair day

We've all been in that 7 a.m. late-for-work rabbit hole, having an unhappy-hair-day, right?

That said, you may think having consistently good hair days is out of reach but I've got good news for you, that is simply not true! 

Here are my must-follow commandments for awesome hair. There's only 5 of them, and they're all surprisingly easy! 


Yup, you can eat your way to shinier, stronger, smooth hair. For example, broths are extremely beneficial for hair health and growth because they're super mineral rich. Radishes are also a great source of silica (which is the mineral you need for strong hair that's not prone to breakage). Spirulina, dark chocolate and buckwheat are all high in copper (which helps to curb graying). 

One of my fave holistic nutritionists also recently reminded me to make sure I get enough protein which is what gives you the building blocks you need for good hair growth -- such as wild salmon which is super rich in vitamin D to help create new hair follicles, as well as omega 3 fatty acids that nourish and moisturize your scalp.

Btw, if you're not an omnivore, you prob already know how 
impt. it is to get enough plant-powered protein, like tamari almonds + hummus both of which I can never seem to get enough of :)


Hopefully, you already know not to wash your hair every day. Why you ask? Because doing so strips your hair and scalp of natural oils. Personally, I try to limit shampooing to a max of twice a week (ideally just once). This will help you regulate natural oil production which might be messed up with over washing. Btw, that doesn't mean you can't hop in the shower and rinse your hair with water as often as you'd like.

Keep in mind that when it is your wash day, take the time to massage your colour safe, sulfate free shampoo where it's most needed, like on your scalp, and just let the suds flow through your strands. I'd also recommend you do a double wash, rinsing the first time with warm/hot water, and the 2nd time with cold water. This will stimulate your scalp to open then close its pores.


Keep your scalp toned and flake free with an essential oil treatment. (Fyi - this also happens to be good at scaring away lice.)

At least once a month you should also help your scalp get rid of the build-up left from your styling products by doing an
 apple cider vinegar rinse. Don't worry, it's super easy. Just pour 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup water into a cup and pour it onto your hair/scalp. Avoid getting into your eyes. If you don't like the smell, don't fret, as soon as you rinse with warm water, it will disappear. 

Most importantly, take the time to gently but very thoroughly brush your hair every day. Using a soft (if possible natural) bristled brush, take time to enjoy brushing your hair, focusing on massaging the bristles at your roots and gently pulling the bristles through to your ends. If will feel amazing, and doing so will distribute the natural protective oil your scalp produces throughout your strands and will also help to keep your hair follicles healthy. 


If you've got fine hair, conditioner is a crucial step. Fine hair is actually more prone to breakage from tangles so you need to make sure it's easy to comb through. 

Always towel dry your hair thoroughly before combing it out, starting from your ends, never from your roots.

A lot of people like the feel of silicone infused products because they coat the hair and give it a smooth feeling, but be warned!! Silicone infused products can really do a number on your scalp and hair (not in a good way).

What happens is that silicone attracts dirt and tends to weigh your hair down. Plus it has a tendency to get embedded into your hair follicles on your scalp inhibiting hair growth - making you need to wash your hair more often which also leads to more frequent heat styling which will give you dull brittle hair... creating a horrible, never ending cycle of hair doom.

What should you do? Start by reading the label on your conditioner and if you see the word dimethicone (a fancy word for silicone) put it out in the trash. (Hopefully you can at least recycle the bottle :) You should also look your products up on EWG to see how they rate.

* To avoid the use of silicone in our detangling conditioner (aka the Hair Smoothie) we use a blend of broccoli seed oil and jojoba which gives your hair the smooth slip you're looking for without any nasty buildup. 


Limit your use of heat tools (curling irons, flatirons, blow-dryers, etc.) to a max of twice a week and find ways to make your style last, like this awesome DIY Hair Powder!

Be sure to seal and protect split ends. A light dab of our Hair Smoothie will do wonders for this.  

Oh and above all, avoid a tight pony tail. This will reduce the pull on your hair follicles. Trust me, I learned this the hard way!

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