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Ingrid, Holistic Skin Coach

Ingrid, Holistic Skin Coach

Hey, I’m Ingrid, your Holistic Skin Coach and newest member of Graydon’s team. I am looking forward to helping you out with your skin and product questions!
As a holistic skin coach, I’m a little different than a traditional aesthetician.

Over the years I've given countless facials, manicures, pedicures so I’m well versed in discussing skin issues and making product recommendations but what I’m really interested in is connecting the dots between what’s going on inside your body and how it manifests on the outside (ie, via your skin)... that’s the holistic part of what I do, now. 
I’m also a Reflexologist as well as a Reiki Master, and this ties into how I met over Graydon 15 years ago. She came to see me for a foot treatment and we’ve been on a holistic journey together ever since, weaving in and out of each other’s lives!

I have personally witnessed how Graydon has evolved as a person, going through her own personal challenges and growing her line of skincare truly organically (pun intended) through her work as a yoga practitioner and superfood enthusiast. Graydon’s personal and corporate values have consistently lined up with
my own so when we started talking about working together it was not a difficult decision to join forces.
So about me… When someone says they are a ‘holistic’ anything, images of advanced yoga poses, serene meditations, veggie burgers, and a well laid out self-care routine usually come to mind. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some of these things but I’m also a real person who has plenty to juggle! My life is not always perfectly balanced with 8 hours of sleep, homemade organic food, with just the right amount of cardio and weights and time for self-care.

Heck no, I live in a big urban city, have plenty of stress, bills to pay, groceries to get, food to make and I’m also a solo mom with an amazing teenage son. I’m not aiming for perfection but I’m working on finding balance. So can you, and I can help. And yes, I’ve got first-hand experience with my own skin, having experienced the hormonal changes a woman goes through. And I am all too familiar with teen skin as well.
My own skin journey began in my teens with health issues coming up, including debilitating periods and more than my fair share of acne flare-ups of pimples and rashes. Over a span of years, I saw many doctors and dermatologists who experimented with my body and put me on a ton of medications. Sometimes it kind of worked, but looking back, I realize everything was just a bandaid, nothing was a cure. 
Growing up in a new country, I became disconnected from the healing power of plant-based medicine that I had become familiar with when I was a very young girl, introduced to me through my grandmother. It was a magical time spending many summers in Tobago and I remember how she used to teach me to connect and commune with the trees (yes, in a literal sense), speaking, touching, nurturing and acknowledging their power, purpose, and their individual spirit.

My memories of her mixing concoctions of leaves, roots, and bark for individuals who came to her as the medicine woman of the village in Mason Hall, Tobago are now so vibrant and powerful to me -- but as a teenage girl surviving adolescence in Toronto those memories had (temporarily) gone away and I was sinking down deep, having trouble getting my needs met within conventional western medicine. 
It was when I went back to Tobago and connected with many of the amazing women there, and my grandmother’s visits to Canada when I was an older teen that I again became open to working with the energy and plant medicine I had so deeply connected with as a young girl. This decision helped me to be open to eating more of a plant-based (not processed) food and actively nourishing my body. Eventually, I began to experience a shift in my health, my mood, and my relationships. My hormones began to balance out, as did my menstrual cycle and yes, my skin eventually cleared up too. 
And now as a woman (no longer in my thirties ;) I, probably like you, want my skin to look its best, the older I get. We are all going to age but my choice and personal goal is to wake up every morning, and feel good about looking at myself in the mirror because I know I am doing all that I can do to be the best version of myself, inside and out. 
I hope you can relate to my journey, and that even more, I hope I can help inspire you to make choices to be the best that you can be too. As your Holistic Skin Coach, I look forward to offering you both my knowledge of esthetics and holistic healing to help you and your skin have good skin days, every day!
Ingrid xo