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How I Level Up My Bathing Ritual

How I Level Up My Bathing Ritual

I love bathing. That’s a secret to literally nobody.

Baths help me to recuperate and stay grounded. They also allow me to enjoy a few minutes of mindfulness. 

Remember that to enjoy a good bath, you don’t have to fill the bathtub full of water. As someone who’s committed to sustainability, I do my best to be mindful of the resources I consume. And an eco-conscious ‘birdbath’ is still super relaxing.

So how do I make these occasions feel even more special?

I level up on the indulgence. Here’s how it works. 

First, I make sure to turn off my phone. It’s important that I don’t let anyone distract me from precious ‘me’ time. I then put on some calming music and light some candles scented with essential oils. Next, I draw a hot bath and drop in some flower petals (I usually go with roses).

Now, the next part is important, as it’ll really bring the *chef's kiss* to the quality of your bath. 🥰

As I fill the bathtub, I add 5-6 pumps of All Over Soap to the running water to create fine, luxurious bubbles. This multifunctional vegan body wash contains 12 high-grade essential oils that serve as a form of aromatherapy, which I absolutely love. 

Different people have different preferences. But for me, scent is so important. I enjoy letting the uplifting, energizing and invigorating aroma of All Over Soap envelop my senses, which helps me to de-stress and unwind.

Next? I use a washcloth to work on areas that need exfoliation and allow the warm humidity coming from the bath water to open my pores. This is also a great place to indulge in an extra long double cleanse.

Have you ever noticed after a hot shower or bath that your skin tends to get really dry?

Well, that’s because hot water can strip your skip of its natural moisture. 

This can result in dry and cracked skin, leaving your skin vulnerable. And if repeated often enough, you may even find yourself with an impaired skin barrier. This is also why you shouldn’t wash your face with hot water. Instead, use lukewarm water

But the thing is, a hot bath just feels sooooo good. 🥺  I just can’t resist the allure of a steamy, relaxing soak.

A smear of a blue-coloured vegan body oil for dry skin against a white background

What to do? What to do? Well, after speaking with my good friend and our Holistic Skin Coach Ingrid, I’ve learned a new trick to get the best of both worlds: add 6-8 pumps of Intimacy Oil and swirl it in the water before entering.

Why would I do that, you may ask? 

Well, a major component of Intimacy Oil is squalane. And in case you’re not yet aware, squalane is an oil that everyone should incorporate into their skincare routine. 

The reason is simple. Squalane is a remarkable emollient and occlusive moisturizer that can support and enhance your skin barrier. It’s cosmetically elegant, which means you never have to worry about feeling oily or greasy. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft without any drawbacks. The best part? Squalane is compatible with every skin type. It really is everyone’s best friend.

So if a hot soak is what you’re craving, don’t be too worried about any potential harm to your skin. The squalane in Intimacy Oil (among other great ingredients) will ‘feed’ your skin with healthy lipids and will help to prevent the water in your skin from evaporating.

And when you’re done, massage your body with All Over Face + Body Lotion and you’ll feel like a million bucks! And if you wanna be extra fancy, don’t be afraid to slather on more Intimacy Oil. 😉


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