How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation – Graydon Skincare How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation
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How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation

How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation

What is blue tansy? 

Tanacetum Annuum, ​better known as blue tansy, is a Moroccan chamomile found in the northwestern parts of Morocco.

Blue tansy essential oil is prepared through steam distillation which results in a range of colours from brilliant blue to deep green. The dried flowers of Moroccan chamomile contain many terpenoids and flavonoids that contribute to its many medicinal properties.​

What does blue tansy do for our skin? 

It's got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great to help calm the skin, reduce heat, and relieve delicate or troubled skin. That's why we included blue tansy in some of your favourite products!

Besides it's beautiful blue colour, blue tansy is a treat for the nose. Its sweet, fruity and floral aroma are sure to unwind and completely relax the senses.

Blue tansy ​contain 37 different classes of bioactive constituents that have been isolated to be used in cosmetics.​ One of the constituents, azulene, not only creates it's beautiful rich hue, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to penetrate below the skin’s surface into deeper layers - making it extremely important as topical anti-inflammatory agent.​ Blue tansy ​is also composed of sabinene and camphor that contribute to its antifungal activity​.

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P.S: You can now find blue tansy in our Intimacy Oil!