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Halloween Makeup Prep

Halloween Makeup Prep

We are here to help you and your skin look its spookiest while staying hydrated and healthy. Makeup can often have a drying effect on your skin, so it’s best to be proactive and prep your skin! 

Unless you want to look like you're in costume for the rest of the year, yikes!

Okay, First Things First: Cleanse 

You want to make sure you give yourself a deep facial cleanse to help level out your face sebum levels and control any oil production. This will help maintain your full face of Oh-So-Spooky Halloween makeup. We like to use Face Foam + Bamboo-Charcoal Sponge for a gentle exfoliating, yet moisturizing cleanse. This step will help even out the skin’s texture, and control any sebum and/or oil production. 

Second: Tone

This step is often overlooked, but it is so important to tone your face in order to level out your skin’s pH. This way you skin will better absorb the other goodies you apply to your face. We like to use Face Food Mineral Mist! Not only is it super easy to apply (spritz one to two times as needed) it is also filled with minerals that help your skin absorb nutrients and hold moisture.

Third: Prime

Don’t forget to prime your face! This will help you lock in moisture and help protect your skin from irritants and drying agents often found in makeup. Our Face Glow is our go to primer. It feeds your face with a bunch of super ingredients that nourish, prime and moisturize your face. This step can help you look spooky for longer! - Yay? 

Fourth: Get SpoOoOoKy !