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Stocking Stuffers Under $20 


Our All Over Soap is our #1 best selling product. Why? Not just because it's amazing value but because it smells so d*mn good. And guys love it too!

With its calming aroma, our Before Bed Spray is always a hit. You don't even need to have sleep issues to enjoy it. 

The Germs Away Mist is great 365 days a year but is particularly helpful through cold and flu season. Also a god-send for smelly gym bags, hockey equipment, yoga mats, changing tables, lingering smoke, kitchen odours, and possibly most importantly on dirty cell phone screens. Speaking from experience, a bottle is mandatory in pretty much every room in our home (and in the car)!

With hand washing season upon us, this handy (pun intended) bottle of Hand and Food Relief is a must-have, unless you enjoyed dry hands and rough hangnails. Also, great for cracked heels. 


For That Special Someone

I can't lie that I love all of the products but our All Over Elixir is one of best because it is super luxurious and it's a great multi-tasker!

When I travel, it is my most coveted product if I don't have space for a proper toilet kit. I use it in the show to moisturize my body, shave my legs and once out of the shower I smooth a little over my face for a gorgeous sheen and even put a tiny bit on the ends of my hair (to stop flyaways). 

Our Face Food Mineral Mist is hands down the most useful and adaptable product we've got. It works beautifully as a toner to balance your pH but best of all it is incredibly useful for hydrating your skin. It's a winner for all skin types (you name it... oily, sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature). The skin loving minerals will be your face's new best friend. 

I was lucky enough to spend some of my childhood in France and one of the things I learned from French women is that less is more. They don't tend to cover their faces with a bunch of goo, they let their skin's true beauty skin through.

That's why when we formulated our Face Glow I wanted it to be very tasteful and natural looking. It's true that many women wear it instead of foundation. It will help blur some skin imperfections while imparting a lovely subtle glow to your face so that your skin shines through to reveal the already beautiful you! 

As the expression goes, good things come in small packages, and our Superfood Serum is no exception. As our most potent and precious product, that is quite literally jam packed with skin nourishing superfoods, a little goes a long way to fully nourish and revive your face.  


Graydon's Personal Faves 

I have a real soft spot for The Putty because it was the very first cream I ever made. I will never forget using my hand blenders in my kitchen to make it well over 10 years ago. I developed it for my yoga clients (who were stressed out, hormonal, sleep deprived women) all of which complained that they had red, dry, irritated skin.

We've tweaked the formula since my early days in the kitchen to make it even better and it puts a smile on my face that we have a bit of a cult following for this beautifully smooth, yellow coloured cream.

Rich and deeply moisturizing, it will soothe your skin and is even well known to help those with rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. It's amazing for those cold winter days after a chilly hike when your cheeks are bright red and equally nourishing for sunburned skin post ski (or if you're lucky enough to be in a warmer climate than Canada :)

It's true, I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe so to say that I was passionate about creating this small but mightly blend of anti-microbial essential oils called our Germs Away Concentrate, is bit of an understatement. 

I had the pleasure of developing this with a wonderful chemist, an amazing naturopath and a master aromatherapist and I'm proud to say that the blend we came up with not only smells amazing but it works like a charm.

It's amazing used in a diffuser when you have a sick person in the house, rubbed on your feet for an immune boost and dribbled on a tissue in a smelly bathroom or car, and my favourite way is to apply a drop or two after touching money. It smells incredible, so don't be surprised if someone asks you what you're wearing!

It took us a very long time to develop our Superfood Mask + Scrub and I'm really proud of this innovative product because it's so unique and above all, it works so incredibly well. Instead of piling on a lot of makeup my focus is on creating a healthy #noMakeup look. Rocking a great complexion isn't so easy unless you book in some serious self care. I always make sure I have a weekly self-care appointment scheduled in for a 20 minute Superfood Mask + Scrub because it really helps to keep face looking fresh, clean and clear.

Trust me, I have tried nearly every mask, and dry scrub 'in the book' and there is nothing that comes close to ours in terms of the efficacy of ingredients to help brighten up your skin. Made with a base of creamy feeling glacial clay (which is easily activated with a few drops of water), it's a dream to smoothe all over your face.

While the mask does the 'heavy lifting', I usually hop in the bath or do a 'hair masque' using our Hair Smoothie and by the time I'm done (anywhere between 5 to 20 mins) I massage the masque off with wet hands and after a spritz of Face Food blended with just a few drops of my Superfood Serum, my face is always truly glowing. 

Some people laugh when I tell them this story but our rich and decadent Keto Cleanse was inspired by my experiments with the ketogenic diet which involved me making what's known as 'butter coffee' which is made using a mixture of MCT and ghee.

One morning after a particularly sweaty yoga class (when I didn't happen to have my bottle of Aloe Milk Cleanser close by) I tried using some of the MCT and ghee mixture on my face and it was a truly amazing experience. My face had never felt so smooth and luxurious and I think you'll feel the same way too!


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