Graydon Skincare Celebrates Women Graydon Skincare Celebrates Women
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Graydon Skincare Celebrates Women

Graydon Skincare Celebrates Women

Women’s Day celebrates the many cultural, political and socio economic achievements women have made over the years. We're proud to be a female founded brand and here's what our team had to say about how and why they celebrate the incredible women in their life! 

Graydon, Founder & CEO

"As a business person and a woman, I am so grateful to be in a position to empower my female forward team. We work collaboratively with passion and dedication to make beauty better in order to give our customers good skin days, every day."

Pedro, Creative Director

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved seeing women succeed and push through in a male dominant society. Since childhood, being raised by my grandmother, my role model for women was one of independence, of strength and of wisdom.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a team led by a strong, independent woman who most definitely is here to succeed and is transforming skincare towards our shared goal of a sustainable future. Graydon is joined by our predominantly female team who are further demonstrations of female success and potential. Celebrating Women’s Month!" 

Ivy, Lead Chemist + Product Development Manager

"Happy Women's Month to all the amazing, courageous and creative women and girls out there of all shapes, sizes, colour and identity that have the courage and perseverance to go after their dreams whether big or small.

I am also happy/thankful to be working with a company that emphasizes gender equality and women empowerment. There is nothing we can't accomplish and no distance we can't reach"

Angelique, Customer Excellence Lead 

"It’s truly wonderful that a day exists to celebrate the many achievements of women. Working for Graydon means being recognized for the work I do and being given equal opportunity. I work with so many intelligent, hard-working and kind women who I’ve not only enjoyed getting to know, but have also learned a lot from." Kristie, Customer Excellence

"Before joining Graydon Skincare, I’d never had a female boss. It’s such a wonderful change to be part of a team with so many dedicated, intelligent women who lift each other up." 

Kat, SEM + Content Marketing Specialist

"I truly love working with Graydon. I think she's fantastic. Ever since the first time I met her, she's been such a huge inspiration and just truly lovely in general.

I'm so glad to see that Graydon Skincare has been met with so many successes this year. And I can't wait to be here to witness more successes to come :)"

Ingrid, Holistic Skin Coach 

"The most important thing one woman can do for another is expand her sense of actual possibilities. - Adrienne Rich. This quote best describes what IWD means for me, it is to share the vision of possibilities for all women.
It is my pleasure to celebrate IWD with Graydon Skincare, a successful woman-owned company. I am lucky to be part of such an amazing team!
As a confident woman of colour, I've experienced the respect to be heard and valued with inclusivity and support. These are values that I personally uphold while running my own business."

Emma, Customer Excellence

"I appreciate that Women's Month is a time to pause and reflect on the human rights and opportunities for women all around the world. It’s a time to celebrate the solidarity of women as we work together towards a more peaceful and humane co-existence.

I feel very blessed to work alongside the intelligent and amazing women
here at Graydon.” 

Natalie, Social Marketing Lead 

"This Women's Month, I acknowledge that I am in a position where I work for a successful female owned business with a female dominated team, and in some places this isn't yet possible for women. I am lucky to work alongside people who believe in equality for all, with the opportunity to learn from a woman who I admire and i'm inspired by." 


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