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Sharing Skincare with Your Significant Other

Sharing Skincare with Your Significant Other

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Imagine this.

You've just bought an amazing skincare product. Maybe it’s a nourishing body lotion. Or maybe it’s a luxurious serum. You’re super excited to use the product and you can’t wait to see how it will magically transform your skin.

But wait, what’s this? The product you've just purchased is suddenly half full. How suspicious. 👀

After some investigation, you learn that the culprit is none other than your significant other. They’ve been sneakily using the product hoping that you would somehow not find out.

It turns out that this actually happens more often than you'd think. This is something I discovered after having a discussion with my team members.

And you know what? It’s all good. Sharing is caring, am I right?

Some of our team members have even managed to convince their partner to form an actual skincare routine that's specific to their skin's needs. 😯  That’s a win for me!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share some of what my team members had to say about their partners' experience with Graydon Skincare. 

Ingrid - Holistic Skin Coach - and her partner Carlos

"Every now and then I turn Carlos' skincare routine into an extra special treat. He has dry, mature skin. 😊 

While he sits back and relaxes, I do a double cleanse using Aloe Milk Cleanser and then Face Foam on a Bamboo Charcoal Sponge. I then give Carlos a "skin smoothie" lymph drainage face massage using Berry Rich and Superfood Serum. This has been my way of gently coaxing him into the enjoyment of taking care of his skin. 

Thankfully it's working. He's been grabbing these products more and more on his own without me."

Kristie - Customer Excellence - and her partner Ryan 

"Last night, Ryan used a couple of pumps of Aloe Milk Cleanser on a Bamboo Charcoal Sponge. Ryan immediately noticed that his his face felt very smooth. 

I offered to whip him up a skin smoothie to which he responded, “A what?” 

I then explained the Graydon concept of mixing products before application to simplify things, but still get all benefits from the superfood actives. I got a toothy grin from him.

I created the Soothe + Hydrate skin smoothie in his hand. He then applied it to his face and said “I feel refreshed… like a new man!” I told him that if his face ever felt dry throughout the day, he could simply spritz a little Face Food Mineral Mist for a moisture boost. His response... “hell yeah!”

Isn’t he so cute? 🥰

Angélique - Customer Excellence Lead - and her partner Micah

"Micah has been using Graydon Skincare since last summer. Face Food is his favourite product because of its aroma. He also loves the soothing feeling of the mist on his skin. 

I showed Micah how to make a skin smoothie many months ago using Phyto Clear, Face Food and Superfood Serum. His skin is acne-prone and tends to be on the drier side in the winterHe particularly likes Superfood Serum because of its ‘occlusive properties’ (his words, not mine). 😜

Berry Rich is another favourite of Micah's, which he uses after shaving. He finds it to be very nourishing when his skin is feeling extra delicate post-shave." 

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