Cayenne was a very special dog. Named after the spice cayenne and the Porsche, she was spicy in character and when young a very fast runner just like the car. We got her as an older puppy and she was very shy and nervous because she had been mistreated by her previous owners.

Not a dog who liked everyone she met, Cayenne was a careful judge of character and greeted people at the door with a 'don't come in, I don't know you' bark but once she got to know you, she was very loyal and protective. 

She saw me through the thick and thin, offering my young son a lot of moral support when the shock of becoming a single parent became a reality. I seriously don't know what I would have done without her all those nights I stayed home on my own in front of a computer researching ingredients, working on formulas and learning about social and setting up a website. Those were not easy times but the wag of her tail always put a smile on my face.

We used to joke that we did animal testing because Cayenne had the pleasure of being the animal we tested all our products on! She loved having her paws massaged with our elixir oil, and her coat was always smooth and shiny from being bathed with our All Over Soap and Hair Smoothie.

She was a particular eater and loved broccoli, apples, and peanut butter. Not a fan of kibble, I often cooked up a concoction of organic ground chicken, slow-roasted with root vegetables and brown rice. 

I thought she would have lived a lot longer because at age 13 Cayenne seemed to have lots of energy left and she still loved going on long walks and car rides. She hated being left at home when we went out and was often known to sit on top of parcels, suitcases, and knapsacks as a reminder to us not to forget her. 

Gone within a few hours, she died suddenly due to an enlarged heart which stopped her ability to breathe as her lungs filled up with fluid. It may sound funny but I still hear Cayenne here and am very much reminded of her presence in this old house. It's going to take a long time for me stop missing her so badly but as they say, I hope 'she' is happy and having fun chasing a ball over The Rainbow Bridge.

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