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Bella Magazine

Super Sensitive Skin Stuff

Graydon Plant Powered Skincare

"It’s no secret that ceramides are great for your skin. These natural lipids not only give skin its youthful, healthy appearance, but also help retain moisture and maintain its natural barrier function. But, not all ceramide creams are created equal.
That’s why Graydon Skincare’s waterless Super Sensitive Skin Stuff cream
is formulated only with the best clinically-proven superfood
actives. It starts with a unique base of pure Canadian maple sap
water, a great source of natural hydration and nutrients.
Next, a nourishing antioxidant blend of rosehip seed oil, evening prim-
rose, and black currant is added. This fragrance- and essential
oil-free cream also contains pomegranate oil, which is known
to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier for a healthy, radiant
complexion. The result is a cream that is perfect for people with
all skin types, including those who have reactive skin, or damage
from harsh facial cleansers and/or treatments."