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Beaver Moon November

Beaver Moon November

The Full Moon in November is also known as the Beaver Moon. A full moon occurs when the moon is on the side of the Earth that is opposite to the sun. When the moon reaches a minimum distance from Earth it is known as a Supermoon. 

The November Full Moon was named the beaver moon due to the increase in activity beavers undergo, building their dams in preparation for the colder season. Since beavers are nocturnal, they work under the full moon lit skies. They work hard to make sure they have a warm and cozy bungalow to sleep in, all winter long. 

What does this mean for us humans?

I think we can look at the full moon as a symbol of starting over (a refresh) for that month. Sometimes we all need a restart button, and what better way to restart than to look up at the moon lit sky, drinking a hot cup of tea, brainstorming how the next day can be better than the day you just had. The Beaver Moon could help us recognize that the busy holiday season is upon us, and in between all the hustle and bustle we need a reminder to remember ourselves as well. - #selfcare 

Our Fullmoon Serum is like a restart for your skin every morning and night. Since it is also known as our youth serum, it not only has all the anti-aging benefits, it is also light, refreshing and reliable. You can always count on it to help you get through the upcoming busy (holiday) season. - Oh, and protect you from the chilly weather. 

On the topic of self-care, gift yourself our Intimacy Oil. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it is a great excuse to make time for your and your skin. It’s super easy to use and multi-purpose! You can use it on your face + body after a nice steaming shower. - Make time for yourself, you are important