Back To School: A Look At Hand Sanitizers – Graydon Skincare Back To School: A Look At Hand Sanitizers
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Back To School: A Look At Hand Sanitizers

Back To School: A Look At Hand Sanitizers

Back to School: A Look At Hand Sanitizers

Which Hand Sanitizer Should You Choose?

It’s back-to-school season!

Normally, this would be a more exciting time. If you’re a student, you’d get to go shopping for that perfect first-day outfit, get your hair done so you’d look on-fleek in all your selfies, and who can forget those super cute pens and notebooks? 

However, in 2020 during a pandemic, back-to-school is a teeny tiny little bit more complicated. 

Social distancing is now a thing. And personal hygiene and sanitization are so important and need to be done properly. Also, re-teaching ourselves to wash our hands has become the most important lesson ever.

Suddenly, back-to-school essentials no longer include just pens and notebooks. You’d also need things like a face mask (no, not the skincare sheet masks), disinfecting wipes, and bottles of hand sanitizers. These things have become the new essentials.

Speaking of hand sanitizers, while teachers will be asking students to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, it’s not always feasible. And so, a bottle of hand sanitizer in the school bag is the perfect quick solution for when you can't get to the sink.

But which hand sanitizer should you get? And what makes a hand sanitizer effective?

For one, you need to choose an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), a hand sanitizer formula needs to include at least 60% of alcohol. Also, the alcohol needs to either be ethanol 96% or isopropyl alcohol 99.8%. And according to the WHO (World Health Organization), the formula also needs to include hydrogen peroxide 3% — an antiseptic. These ingredients will make sure to reduce the number of bacteria, fungi, and some viruses on your hands.

Now, with all those harsh ingredients, your hands will get a bit dry and upset.

So to combat that, a good hand sanitizer should also include hydrating ingredients such as glycerin (a wonderful humectant) and aloe vera (more hydration). Also, the formula needs to include other soothing and skin-repairing ingredients such as calendula extract (anti-irritant)  and blueberries extract (a beautiful antioxidant). These ingredients will help balance out the formula and give extra benefits to the skin on your hands.

Now, good ingredients are one thing, but you also need to be aware of the different textures of hand sanitizer too. They typically come in three forms: foam, gel, and liquid. Foam sanitizers are the type you usually get from the dispensers in public places like the mall. And of the three types, gel and liquid are the more popular choice for carry-on hand sanitizers.

So between gel and liquid, which one should you choose - if given that they both share the same essential ingredients?

It really comes down to the texture and what you prefer.

If you’re someone who enjoys rubbing your hands for 10 - 20 seconds to feel “clean”, then a gel hand sanitizer is the best choice for you. But if you prefer something quick-acting that allows you to carry on with your activities quickly, then you should get a liquid hand sanitizer - which usually comes in the form of a spray.

At Graydon Skincare, we recognize that health safety is more important than ever. Stay tuned as we continue this series on hand sanitizers over the next week.