As The Number of Birthday Candles Increase..

You've probably noticed a few changes!

And if you're like me, having that extra glass of rosé doesn't make it so easy to roll out of bed anymore. Or that 5k you used to be able to run suddenly has your knees not-so-happy so you might have taken to walking (again, like me :) 

With age comes insight into our capabilities and extra responsibility for making good choices. Being mindful about our physical body extends well beyond eating the occasional kale salad and drinking that extra glass of water, it very much involves taking good care of our skin. 

While you're probably already good at using a zinc based moisturizer or bb cream to protect yourself from too much sun exposure, you might be a little confused about what products you can use to help your face and body look as healthy and beautiful as ever. It can be so frustrating trying to decide exactly what your skin needs, so I'm here to help sort this out!

What are serums for and do I really need one?

Generally speaking, serums are usually one of the most effective products you can use to counteract aging. The concentration of active ingredients in serums help to penetrate the skin faster and easier than creams because they’re more potent. As cell turnover starts to slow down, and as your antioxidant defenses decrease (like in your 30s) it's not a bad idea to be proactive and start using a serum.

It's even better to be proactive and start using one in your late 20's so that you're not fighting to turn back time when the aging process accelerates in your 40's and 50's (Trust me, I learned this the hard way as I was not always a green beauty maven :)

graydon skincare superfood serum

And on that note, it so happens that we have a brand new 
SUPERFOOD SERUM which just launched. In fact, you're the first to know!

Bursting with age-busting superfood oils and extracts including saffron, goji berry, chia, barbary fig, turmeric and kale oil its surprisingly light texture will penetrate and supercharge your face, very actively nourishing your skin from the outside in. Adaptable to a broad range of skin types, there is not a complexion that will not benefit from a few drops of this every day.

Is there really such a thing as an anti-aging cream? And what's the difference between an eye cream and a face cream?

Not all creams are created equal. The word 'cream' is a catch-all term for all sorts of products - ranging from a dollar store jar of Nivea filled with pore clogging goo to a drug store moisturizer offering you a mix of hydration, nutrients and a cocktail of toxic ingredients you might not wish for.

A good anti-aging cream should deliver moisture to your face with key ingredients that improve the health and appearance of your skin. Unlike a serum where I'd recommend a less-is-more technique (because of its potency and price) a cream is more gentle and can be applied more generously.The biggest difference between an eye cream and a face cream isn’t really in the ingredients but like a serum, its potency. Because you need a little extra tlc under your lashes, you’ll want a higher concentration of active ingredients. It's also best if your eye cream has low to no scent as you don't want to chance irritating your eyes.As our creams contain a hefty dose of plant powered actives, they all fall into the anti-aging category and 2 of them are great under your eyes too!

Here's a guide to help you choose what's right for you...

If you have sensitive skin that tends to be oily, your best choice will be our Super Sensitive Skin Stuff.  It's super light and unscented and will glide over your face as if you have nothing on at all. Recently reformulated with Canadian grown maple sap it's filled with mineral-rich moisture. And it doubles as an eye cream too!

If you have normal / combination skin you might want to try our Green Cream. Infused with Canadian grown broccoli seed oil and a refreshing herbal blend of parsley sage, rosemary, and thyme this invigorating cream will energize and wake up your face.

If you have red irritated skin that needs some therapy, you might want to give our Putty a try. Filled with a bevy of skin soothing ingredients, our much-loved Putty with its characteristic golden hue will help appease skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Recently reformulated with turmeric and blue chamomile it has a wonderfully rich luxurious aroma and super silky feel. 

If you have dry dull skin then our Berry Rich will be your new best friend. Blended with Canadian grown berry seed oils and a vegan probiotic culture to help support cellular renewal this delicious smelling cream will bring life into desert-like skin.  

With 12.5% of non-nano zinc combined with a long list of nourishing sun reflective oils, our Elements is my moisturizer of choice as the weather gets warmer. I layer it over our Superfood Serum, and add a swoosh of our Face Glow for an extra boost of zinc-based tint and shimmer.Whether you use our products or a bunch of different brands, I hope this help you to navigate your way through the confusing task of finding just the right formula, no matter where you are in your anti-aging journey.

And a very important PS!

I am so grateful and excited for those of you who used our promo code CAYENNE. I'm so happy to be able to support a whole bunch of dogs at Pawsitive. I am still missing our little dog Cayenne but it really does warm my heart to know that some goodness has come from her passing. Thank you all very much for your generous orders for which we took a combined total of 13% off to go towards this fundraising effort. I like the fact that even though this organization is Canadian, it largely supports dogs from high kill shelters in the US.  

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