Aging Is A Dirty Word In Most People’s Vocabulary

Aging Is A Dirty Word In Most People’s Vocabulary

But I’d like you to rethink it a bit!

I hate to break it to you but avoiding aging is just not a possibility. You can have a 10 step skincare regime, see a super fancy dermatologist, get some work done, do monthly facials, slather on outrageously priced lotions that promise you the world, on top of eating well, sleeping well and exercising on the reg but... 

The truth is, everyone is aging with each passing second. All of the beauty products in the world (botox and fillers included) cannot prevent this.

When you stop and think about it, our society’s obsession with anti-aging is a little odd. So I have some questions for you! 
What if you reframed the notion of aging and made it a priority to really nourish and protect your skin? What if you stopped obsessing about the impossible notion of stopping time, and keenly focused on improving your whole body health? What if you stopped looking at your life as a hill to roll down uncomfortably after the age 35? What if you started buying products to promote your skin health instead of getting stuff that promised an unattainable fountain of youth? What if you really did start to make better choices with the foods you eat, the sleep you get and commit to moving your body more often? What if instead of being at war with your skin and combatting it with the supposed latest fad treatment that you took pleasure in caring for it and began to take pleasure in the ritual of nourishing, massage, feeding it? What if you looked at your physical imperfections and fully accepted them? And what if you were able to look at those fine lines on your face that you’ve been conditioned to dislike as proof of you and your skin’s resiliency?

No promises but you just might become a happier, healthier more grateful person.
And I'd wager a bet that your skin would start to look a heck of a lot be

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