Make Your Own Stocking Stuffer Lip Whip!

This week we got crafty in then kitchen and whipped up some beet tinted lip balm to use as little gifts for the holidays! Should you need an idea for a stocking stuffer and are up to a DIY challenge, then here's how we made our Vanilla Mint Lip Whip!

Ingredients for the lip balm base:
1. In a small saucepan, melt the coconut oil and cocoa butter . We saved the extra in a jar to make more later! Add the  beet cubes . Let 'steep' for 30-60 minutes on low heat (or longer) to infuse the beet color into the mixture.
    2. Remove the beet root. Let cool. Remove the  solidified mixture and place into another bowl leaving any beet juice behind

    3. In the new bowl,  add the extracts and whisk until light,  creamy and pale pink . Transfer to a small jars. Such as these

    4. Enjoy your soft delicious minty lips and be sure to kiss someone!

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