Oh For The Love Of... Lotioning

There's really just two hurdles for full body moisturizing after you shower; choosing one you like and actually applying it. It's time consuming and it can leave you feeling greasy, but we're here to help by offering you options, a lotion and a body oil, for fast and effective full body (and face!) lotioning.

The Elixir

The Elixir is a super powerful oil for your body, yet gentle enough to use daily on your face. It really will leave your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated yet not greasy as it absorbs quickly and beautifully in to your skin. The smell (sandalwood, chamomile and soothing lavender) will envelope you in comfort and I can bet you'll get compliments on what your wearing! Using it daily after you shower works great, and there's an easier way to use it that actually hydrates your skin even more! Leave a bottle in your shower and after your finished and still wet, apply just a couple of pumps of The Elixir all over. Towel off as normal and let the massaging motion do the work of increasing the absorption rate in to your skin. It really is an effective method and trust us, more will end up in your skin then on the towel!

All Over Face + Body Lotion

We created a lotion that was ideal for busy families as it can be used on both your face and body, so it's great at cutting down on time spent in the bathroom! A few pumps go a long way at leaving your skin moisturized all day. The smell of rosemary, lavender and blood orange is a gorgeous aroma that you'll look forward to smelling in the morning! Its perfectly balanced scent makes it great for men as well so be prepared for sharing :) And what's even better, it's not greasy so you can apply it to your face and body and then massage any access in to your hands and off you go!

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