The fall season is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we are excited to offer you our essential products for fall! With flu season lurking it's important to keep yourself healthy and protected from germs. Below we've listed some of our favorite products we keep on hand for fall and keep reading till the end to hear about our Fall Giveaway :)

Keep your skin hydrated this fall to avoid dry and cracked skin that comes with the changing of seasons. We've formulated this lotion so it's sensitive enough for your face yet powerful enough to use on your body! It's gently infused with a touch of essential oils so you'll love its fresh scent of rosemary, lavender and blood orange.  

Germs Away Mist
We created a mist which contains ingredients that are potent (but non toxic) germ exterminators. It's the perfect addition to have on hand to stop germs before they spread so use it on dirty hands, phones computer keyboards, countertops, and even in the air! It's also super useful to remove odours in your car, gymbag, shoes, lockers, and your washroom! 

And now to announce our FALL GIVEAWAY
If you purchase a bottle of our All Over Face + Body Lotion and Germs Away Mist we'll give you a bottle of one of our best sellers, the All Over Soap + Shampoo! It really is the jack of all products, it's strong enough to cleanse your body yet gentle enough to thoroughly wash your hands and hair! We keep a bottle by sinks AND in the shower! The invigorating smell is like the fall season in a bottle, enjoy the scents of citrus, spice and mint fill the air as your cleanse! Click HERE before Sunday, October 18th to take part in our giveaway (a savings of $18!).

Have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and happy shopping!


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