In case you haven't heard.. We have new baby!

No, not a baby of the human variety BUT when we launch a new product, it's kind of like giving birth. 

Far more than 9 months have gone into making our Superfood Mask + Scrub but the hard work (like being pregnant and birthing a child) has totally been worth it. 


Take a peak at our new little bundle of joy... Pretty cute, huh?

Really happy to say our new addition is a pretty exceptional, innovative, über pure product that works incredibly well and is really convenient and easy to use. Oh and we've kept our promise in offering you 'affordable luxury'! (i.e. it doesn't cost a bazillion dollars)

So if you haven't already noticed this is an encapsulated product. You may be tempted to pop these little beauties in your mouth because they look like supplements and they sure are loaded with a ton of organic food grade ingredients, but they're meant to be put on your face. Think of them as topical vitamins for you skin. 

Wondering how to use them?

  • The superfood goodness inside evenly distributed in each capsule is easily activated with a water and/or oil. A squirt of our Cleanser for example, does a wonderful job, but we don't want to stop you from being creative. 
  • There are a million things you probably already have in your kitchen pantry that blend beautifully. Here's a short list of my faves: coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado, papaya, mango, bentonite, raw honey, full fat yogurt, cacao powder, ground almonds (leftover from making your own almond milk), juice pulp (I like carrot and apple), coffee grinds, ghee, almond or sesame paste, apple cidre vinegar, mashed blueberries, grapeseed/olive oil, dethawed (from frozen) wheatgrass. 
  • By the way, check back soon, we'll be blogging more about the function of all these kitchen ingredients because each of these items is better for different skin types, but this will get you started :)

Once, blended with The Cleanser or ingredient(s) of your choice, you just make a paste in the palm of your hand (no mixing bowl needed) and apply the paste on your skin (that's the mask part) and then after you've let the superfood goodness soak into your pores for a few minutes (up to 20) then you massage it off with dampened fingers (that's the scrub part of it).

And voila that's it. You've got a #SuperFoodFace. Just take a look at yourself. Nice, huh? Follow up with your fave (Graydon) moisturizer. My favourite for summer is our super light and neutral Super Sensitive Skin Stuff 

Have fun with this... and if you're brave enough take a #selfie with it all blended up on your face. Post in on social with the hashtag #SuperFoodFace and you could easily be chosen to win a $50 gift certificate. We'll be on the look on for creative posting!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with..

...Superfood Graydon (a proud new mother) xoxo

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