3 Easy Tips for Lit-From-Within-Skin

how to make your skin glow

Despite my usual healthy lifestyle, I occasionally fall prey to staying up too late and eating outside my normal range of good-for-you food choices. But last week, after a longgggg day, more than one glass of wine and too much cheese, I came home exhausted and to my horror, fell asleep fully clothed without even taking my makeup off.

So while enjoying festivities is all part of the fun, the sleep deprivation, and ensuing dehydration can take a serious toll on your skin. (Trust me, it took me a couple days to fully recover from the aforementioned party) Unfortunately, all this just adds insult to injury to your face that’s already battling dry air and winter wind.

But worry not, in addition to the obvious advantage of a good night's sleep, I have 3 Easy Tips for Lit-From-Within-Skin that’ll help you get through the season.

#1: Massage Your Face
  • You don’t have to get a fancy facial, beauty is in your own hands! And I’m not kidding because when you massage your face with a serum or facial oil, you stimulate muscle tissue which helps to tonify your pores, release your lymphatic system (buh-bye puffy eyes) and plump your skin.
#2: Eat Healthy Fats + Collagen-Boosting Foods. 
  • Certain foods are known for boosting collagen so pack your diet with a healthy balance of nutritious superfoods like dark leafy greens, amino acid rich 'free run' eggs, avocados, as well as
    bone broth, grass-fed meat and butter (if you're not a vegetarian) and even garlic, which contains taurine and lipid acid to aid damaged collagen fibers. Oh and a spritz of our Face Food infused with copper ions will also help collagen production :)
#3: Don't forget to do a full body exfoliation. 
  • Treat your tired skin with a detoxifying body-smoothing scrub like this!

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