You do it daily (hopefully twice a day)

I don’t know about you but there are lots of mistakes I’ve made with my skincare routine (in the past!) and since creating this brand several years ago I’ve learned more than I ever imagined.
A cleansing strategy to keep my face ultra fresh, supple and healthy has been one of the ‘check marks’ on my learning curve -- and I’d like to share these not-so-obvious but simple tips which can make a huge difference in how your face looks.
As a ‘middle aged‘ woman (that sounds so not sexy) with a big birthday coming up this year I’d like to think I look really pretty youthful… and honest to God, for me, it’s been all about keeping a clean supple face.

Here are 4 common face washing mistakes. And what to do instead:

APPLYING CLEANSER ON DRY SKIN (not great, if you actually want a clean face)

  • Cleansers, especially creamy ones should be applied onto an already wet face. Then when massaged into your skin an emulsion occurs between the oils and the water allowing dirt and stagnant sebum to dislodge. Yep. That makes for happier, cleaner pores (hooray!)

USING A WASHCLOTH (you might want to reconsider) 

  • Not only can washcloths be breeding grounds for microbes (ugh), it’s often far too easy to over rub your face which causes redness (no thank you!). Instead, massage your cleanser in with your fingertips, and take the residue and dirt off with a soft little sponge. If you don’t already have one, our eco facial sponge is a good choice. And perfect for travel.


  • Yes we’ve all done it once or twice but c’mon… No matter how tired you are, just wash your face. It’s not worth the inflamed, congested skin you’ll wake up with in the morning. Just say no. (And save yourself the cost of a facial!)

SPLASHING YOUR FACE WITH WATER IN THE A.M. INSTEAD OF WASHING IT (fine if you don't mind dead skin cells settling in and dulling your complexion)

  • A massive amount of cell renewal occurs over night and you owe it to your face to say goodbye to those dead skin cells hanging on for dear life. So escort those dead skin cells to the drain with a sweep of The Cleanser, which will leave your face cleansed, soft and ready to go.

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