The Luck of the Irish...

I almost fainted when I found my wallet which I thought I’d lost weeks ago in this longest, coldest, unforgiving winter ever. Guess where? Melting in a snow bank where it fell out of the trunk of my car when I was unloading groceries after a Saturday morning shop at the St. Lawrence Market.

Given that it was on St. Patrick’s Day, I felt as lucky as a leprechaun -- as if gold coins were falling from the sky. I was literally jumping for joy and doing a happy dance with my little dog Cayenne who is actually the one who ‘sniffed it out’ at the back of our driveway on our way back from the park. To say the least, this was a wonderful way to welcome in the beginning of Spring!

Feeling full of gratitude and in a celebratory spirit I’d like to share some abundance with you too so keep reading, there may be a little present for you..

Another reason why I love the beginning of Spring is because it's the time when my wonderful (very crafty and creative) son and I head on down to the One of a Kind Show. There's something about this show that makes me a little giddy -- there’s just so much creativity, talent and authenticity at this incredible show. I’ve always wanted to be in it. People had told me how hard it is to get into, so when I got accepted this year I was practically in tears.

Uh huh – you read that right, I'll be showcasing our entire line of products at this year's One of a Kind Show - and I'd love to meet you. So please come on out and say hello!


The change of season between Winter to Spring should also mark a bit of change in your skincare routine so this is the *perfect* time to test out some new products. We will have lots of wonderful samples for you to try at the show AND a few brand new items not even available on our website! 

Here’s the 411 on the dates and times:
Direct Energy Centre at The Exhibition Place (in Toronto)
⦁    March 25th – 29th 
⦁    Wednesday - Saturday10am - 9pm

If you haven’t been before you must come ‘cuz this is a show beyond all else. If you have been before, you’ll know what I’m talking about.. so I really look forward to seeing you there and meeting you in the flesh! 

Happy Spring,
 - Graydon xo

PS. As promised here is a little somethin’ for you.. a discount to the Show! Click here to obtain the discount (only available online).

PPS. Did you know that One of a Kind has an awesome online store? This is an especially wonderful option if you’re not in the Toronto area! 

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