Nothing's sadder than a dusty old altar!

An unconventional way to get your glow on..

Use these 5 simple steps from Ms. Danielle LaPorte to energize your crystals, mala beads, and sacred objects.

1. Hold the stone or other sacred piece in prayer position, or on your heart and send it your heart energy -- send it your pure Love

2. Then bring it to your third eye, right above your eyebrows, and project your intention, wish, prayer, or desired feeling into it

3. Ask the crystal or sacred piece to support you to make your desire your reality

4. Say Thank You for the support. 

5. "Water" your objects with regular attention. If you believe in your stuff, it will do it's job. The universe loves a believer...

Don't be surprised if your skin starts to look better. Why? Because when you connect to the energy around you, your whole being becomes more vibrant. You look different 'cuz you feel more alive..  


It's simple physics, really. More focused energy = more power. 

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