I used to go drugstores and gaze at all the amazing looking cosmetic products on the shelves. I'd pick up the beautiful bottles and jars and try to understand what was in them (and this was way before it was cool to read ingredient lists!) and I found it so frustrating that it was impossible to identify what was in them. 

This frustration fueled my fire to experiment with what I already had in my kitchen - and this little recipe is a perfect example of how to make something utterly fantastic out of a few things that are easy to get at your local health food store (if they're not already in your pantry!)   

No this is not a bowl of vanilla ice cream... But your body will find it just as delicious.


- ¼ cup coconut oil
- ¼ cup cocoa &/or shea butter [i]
- 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil [ii]
- ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
- ¼ teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (optional) [iii]



1. Melt the coconut, cocoa/shea butter and oil in a small pot on the stovetop on low until completely liquefied.

2. Blend in the vanilla, and if you like a little spice, add the cinnamon too.

3. Allow the mixture to completely cool. Cover it, and place it in the fridge until it begins to solidify.

4. After an hour, give this mixture a good stir or blend with hand beaters—the texture should be like whipped butter (almost ice cream like).

5. Transfer to a 'wide mouth' mason jar.

6. Slather all of your face and body. (Better yet, get someone to give you a massage)


Tip -> Scoop a spoonful out and put it into small jar to keep in your purse. You'll never need to but lip balm again!


[i] Cocoa and shea butter are regular stocked items at many health food stores.
[ii] You can substitute the oil of your choice such as olive, almond, soy, pumpkin, macadamia, and/or hazelnut.
[iii] Do your best to use organic spices. Crops like cinnamon are known to be laden with pesticides so do your research before you buy.

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