"Berry Good!"


We're super excited to announce our new guest blogger, Heather Paulding! The real deal blogger is passionate as they come and calling her a clean beauty enthusiast is an understatement. Heather is the proud owner of Eco Bathhouse (think garden to bath goods!) and still manages to run her very own eco living website Spunky Real Deals! We couldn't be happier to have her along with us on our journey. She will be sharing her favourite beauty tips and tricks on our line! Read her thoughts on our Berry Rich cream (below) and be sure to continue to follow our blog. We've got lots of great content planned for 2015! 



Your face is the first thing anyone will see and you have to keep it looking its very best. That means choosing a high quality moisturizer that is comprised of many different types of nourishing oils. Graydon Clinical Luxury's Berry Rich moisturizer has every "best" oil for you face in one potently nourishing bottle.
Berry Rich all over face cream from Graydon Clinical Luxury is "berry good"(tee hee). All puns aside, a moisture rich facial cream is THE most important skincare product you put on each day. A well hydrated face means a more youthful appearance and protects from dastardly free radicals.

Graydon includes sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil (my personal favorite as it is the closest oil to our own natural skin oils), cranberry seed oil, blueberry seed oil, and raspberry seed oil. So now you can see how the Berry Rich all over face cream got its name. There are three nutrient-packed berries crammed into this incredible face cream!

My skin is very VERY dry in the winter and Berry Rich has been keeping my skin moisturized for a full 24hrs with one application. No dry patches and no scents to bother my very sensitive skin, which is borderline rosacea. It is very sensitive to natural scents let alone harsh chemical-laden fragrances. It is also gentle enough to use underneath your eyes. I love it so much!  I always wondered why someone never combined face and eye cream as one. Great call Graydon...great call!

Heather Paulding is the author and Eco blogger of Spunky Real Deals, LLC. 

She is also the Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club and Eco Bathhouse, LLC.


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