If you are anything like me, you have a heck of a time fitting in self-care!

When the beginning of February rolls around I always get that 'Valentines is coming type of feeling'. And as a single parent and 'mompreneur', Feb14th more often than not does not spell r-o-m-a-n-c-e for me.. so in lieu of this, I try to take a little extra time to nurture and nourish myself with better 'self-care'.

Now you might think I have time for a perfectly ‘balanced’ life, but the truth is that I don’t. I work a lot (here I am multi tasking on the phone below) and this means my self-care routine is not super elaborate. Curious what I do? I thought so! 

Keeping reading for my Favourite 5 Tips on how to feel (and therefore look) good. You'll be happy to know, most of them are free and take under 5 minutes. 

#1 Sleep -> It sounds obvious but if you don’t sleep you will not only feel crappy but you won’t look so good either. Here's a little story about my less than perfect relationship with sleep and in it some excellent strategies you can use to help get a deep and delicious 6 to 8 hour slumber.
#2 Eat (Well) -> For the most part, I eat a plant rich ‘diet’ but I never deprive myself. I love the occasional espresso and glass of Pinot BUT when I don’t eat well, I feel bad and my face scolds me for it. If you need help using your food to make you feel and look better, you might want to contact an expert such as Toronto's own 'nutritionista' Meghan Telpner.
#3 Give Your Brain a Break -> As you're busy running around conquering your to-do list, sit down, pull out your ear buds and just close your eyes for a quick meditation. Most of the time, I’ve only got a few minutes so I choose one of Danielle LaPorte’s. She always helps me feel refreshed and inspired.

#4 KISS: Keep it simple stupid -> Just do something simple and relaxing - like brushing your hair! By brushing your hair you stimulate a ton of acupuncture points which help calm your mind and encourage blood flow to your noggin. If you want to revitalize your scalp and help grow your hair add a few drops of this onto your hairbrush and just breathe in its amazing aroma.

#5 If You Have More than 5 Minutes -> Treat yourself to facial acupuncture. For me, this is the ultimate treatment because my whole body gets a tune up and my face emerges noticeably perky. I go to a wonderful medical acupuncturist (Fanny) who is affiliated with the Wellness Centre at Mt. Sinai Hospital.. If you're not in Toronto, 
don't fret there are lots of talented Canada wide practitioners you can find on a great new site called Bright Almond.

Enjoy – and let me know how my tips work for you! Take a minute to comment below or give us a shout out on social media - and just tag us (@clinicalluxury)
Graydon xo

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