Needle Anxiety – and no, I’m not talking botox!

The first time I tried facial acupuncture a few years ago, I have to admit I was a little wary. The prospect of having needles inserted all over my face was a little overwhelming as I don’t have a great pain tolerance.

My practitioner Fanny Ip who I connected originally through Mt. Sinai’s Rehab and Wellbeing Centre quickly put me at ease and within 10 minutes into my treatment with her, I relaxed and sank into a super deep zen like state. In fact, I didn’t even want to wake up when she gently reminded me the session was over.  

Fanny came over to our Riverdale studio (here’s a photo of me having a treatment).

Call me vain but I admit that my primary motivation in trying facial acu was to find an effective strategy to help my 40+ year old face age gracefully – and to avoid resorting to botox. And boy oh boy, I've gotta say it works. In fact, every time I have a facial acupuncture treatment, I swear someone asks me a question like ‘Did you get your hair cut’? I figure this is because I just look and feel way more perky. Even my immune system seems stronger.

This is likely the result of all the acupuncture points in my face, scalp and ears have been turned on – just like a light bulb! Now I try to get a treatment at least once a month – or more frequently if I’m super tired or run down. I don’t take a lot of time for myself these days but I really feel that facial acu is an extremely worthwhile investment because it helps me to be an even better version of myself!

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