'Sweet Dreams Are Made of These'

Hey Sleepy Head...

I don't know about you, but getting a good sleep is like gold for me. I get a little (no make that very) crabby when I don’t get my zzz’s. I know what I’m supposed to do to get a good sleep (like not go to bed with my phone in hand tsk tsk!) but sometimes it’s not so easy..

And it was way worse when my now 15 year old was just a little guy. He hated going to bed or down for a nap and rarely slept through the night. It was a brutal time in my life and my lack of deep restorative slumber on a regular basis wreaked havoc on both my physical and emotional health. Can any of you relate?

I suspect you can because sleep disorders affect at least 40% of us… In fact 62% of adults are known to experience a sleep problem at least a few nights per week. [i]

When I look back, I wish I had employed much different sleep strategies with my then young son but I wasn’t familiar with the concept of good sleep hygiene back then nor were there awesome practitioners like Rebecca Earl The Sugar Plum Sleep Expert to coach moms and babes on healthy sleep routines.

I did eventually learn a lot about what affects our ability to fall and stay asleep. Much of this I gleaned while studying Ayurveda and Restorative Yoga while completing my Yoga Teacher Training at Downward Dog. From breathing techniques to relaxing yoga poses I could practically write a book on this subject (here’s an article written on me in The Globe) but long story short, the best thing you can do for a great sleep is to prepare a good sleep space.

When speaking with Rebecca the aformentioned sleep expert she reminded me that exposure to artificial light in your sleep space can interfere with your production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for inducing sleep -- so make sure to avoid night lights, street lights and electronics in your bedroom (that goes for your kids too!)

Here are 2 more easy tips to whisk you off to dreamland:

  • A hot bath or shower followed by diving into your (not so warm) sheets will ‘tell’ your body to go to sleep.[ii] Make your bath/shower extra nice with a squirt or two of our All Over Body Oil. Its Lavender Chamomile Sandalwood blend will soothe and smooth every one of your body parts so you can literally glide into bed.
  • Next make your sleep space clean and serene. Start using an eye pillow (like the one in the photo of me above) and keep your bed sheets fresh and inviting to get into. If you need extra help with this our Before Bed Spray does a brilliant job. Infused with lavender and sweet orange its dreamy aroma will help send you off to ‘never never land’. In case you didn’t know, lavender actually has a neuropsychological effect of helping you 'turn off' your brain.[iii] Laced with sweet orange, its aroma smells delish and helps to put you in a happy before bed mood.

    Just in case you were wondering, this is not just a nice smelling mist, it’s infused with germ killing hydrogen peroxide and ethanol which will help kill germs on your pillows and linens.

    Best of all, kids have a lot of fun with this as they can go through a night time ritual of spraying 'the monsters' away from under the covers, under their bed and in the cupboard to get them in a happy headspace before going down for the count.

    If you have sleep stories or sleep techniques we would love to hear from you. Message us at or via social media. And don't forget to tag us at @clinicalluxury…

    Sweet dreams!

    Graydon xo


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