Are you following a good skincare regimen?

Some of you might already have a skincare regimen that works well for you. But for those of you who don’t and are a wee bit confused on the best way to pair and order your Graydon skincare products, we have a solution for you! You’d be surprised how often we are asked this question. So we thought we’d take the time this month and break down the 4 easy steps to achieving naturally, healthy, radiant skin all by using Graydon products. Oh and did we mention the best part? We’re offering the 4 step skincare in a bundle and have shaved $20 off the retail value. Not bad eh? 


So here are our suggestions on following an easy to use and Graydon approved skincare regimen:

  • Cleanse: splash face with warm water. Dispense 1-2 pumps of Cleanser onto fingers and gently massage in a circular motion over facial skin (even around your eye area) paying special attention to the crevices of your nose, chin, between the brows and your hairline. Rinse well with a warm washcloth allowing the warm of the cloth to open and deep cleanse your pores.
  • Serum: immediately after cleansing, smooth a drop or two onto your face, neck (remember a little goes a long with this jam packed antioxidant serum!)
  • Face Food Mineral Mist: follow with a few spritzes of our Face Food Mist. It is important to use our Mist after applying the serum as it helps the skin absorb the serum and maximizes its efficacy.
  • Moisturize: The last step is to apply 1-2 pumps of your favourite Graydon moisturizer to your facial skin.

And Voila! If you follow our system you’re off to a wonderful and healthy start to achieving beautiful skin. Best results are achieved by being patient and sticking with it your regimen. Buy The Bundle here.

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